Unlimited: Righteousness is Credited

Jul 5, 2022 883

Unlimited: Righteousness is Credited

What does Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness” (Romans 4:3).

When Paul quotes Genesis 15:6 to prove his case, he couldn’t have selected any stronger evidence.

The context of this quote is that God had promised Abraham that he would give him a son. But Abraham is old and childless, and so he proposes to help God by simply making his servant Eliezer his heir. But God tells him that he would have a son who would be of his own flesh and blood, and that indeed Abraham’s offspring would be as numerous as the stars of the sky. What God told Abraham is humanly impossible.

Abraham simply believed that what God said was true and God credited it to him as righteousness.

To receive God’s blessing you had to be righteous. Yet Abraham simply believed that what God said was true and God credited it to him as righteousness. As a result, Abraham received the blessing. This was even before Abraham was circumcised, so that not even circumcision, as fundamental as that was for the Jews, was a requirement to receive the blessing.

The point that Paul is making is that Abraham was righteous before God not by fulfilling any requirements, but simply by believing: by accepting that what God said was true in his life.

This is the same way through which righteousness is credited to your account. It’s as simple as that!

Spiritual Application

If you have access to your bank account online, go and access your account right now. Take a look at it. Imagine if you saw there a deposit of a million dollars, and you knew that it had simply been freely given to you. How would you feel? That’s what it’s like when God credits the righteousness of Jesus to your account.

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Chola Fridah

Jul 6, 2022

Jesus is the truth and the light to my life.I believe in Jesus the author and finisher of my faith

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