GNU Daily Devotionals Help Alcoholic Overcome Addiction

Mar 10, 2019 1250

GNU Daily Devotions Help Alcoholic Overcome Addiction

In his talks, James teaches that God has the greatest part to play in one’s recovery.

James is a proud father of four and a husband to one wife. He lives in Western Uganda, at the Uganda-Rwanda border. He is an alcohol addiction survivor, thanks to God through GNU Daily Devotionals that helped him to remain focused on the road to recovery.

James used to work with an Eye Clinic Centre in Western Uganda before he got himself fired. To cope with the frustrations that emerged after losing his job, James sought refuge in full time drunkenness. And because he could no longer afford the expensive beer he used to drink with friends, he started drinking all brands of locally brewed cheap beer, something that terribly affected not only his health but also the welfare of his family.

After six years of wasted life and putting his family through untold misery, James – with the help of friends and family – eventually began his long journey of quitting alcohol. However, as he now narrates in his motivational talks and counselling speeches, the journey out of alcoholism was never easy. His victory would only come through seeking guidance from the Word of God. And since he had never been a Bible reader, James began looking around on the Internet and social media for reliable teaching materials. This is where GNU came in handy. James found GNU on Facebook. Then he followed our website where he registered for daily devotionals. He says, “These daily devotionals offered me hope as I struggled to get out of addiction”.


“These daily devotionals offered me hope as I struggled to get out of addiction”


Along the way, James also began attending seminars aimed at helping people like him. Due to his past and his dramatic change, James has become a sort of celebrity in his community and church in Western Uganda. Today he is being sought as a speaker by schools and churches alike to help youths and others affected by drug addiction. In his talks, he teaches that God has the greatest part to play in one’s recovery. He never forgets to give credit to GNU for the role played in shaping his life.

Consequently, a number of people in his village have become curious about GNU. Since he didn’t have much to tell people about GNU (except the daily devotionals) he decided to write to us and see if we could supply more information about our operations. I met with James, and after our meeting he has continued to preach the Gospel of hope he received from GNU to his community. Due to his reform, his local church has even given him a position. James hopes to stage a seminar against drugs in his village and hopes that GNU will assist him to deliver the message to his people.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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