GNU Open Day: Four Continents Come Together to Celebrate the Good News

Oct 28, 2014 2205

OPEN_DAY_thumbnail_2The inaugural GNU Open Day held last week was an incredible experience, as we met with some of the key people from around the world who are carrying the work of the gospel forward in association with Good News Unlimited.

Through the wonders of Skype and several cameras we managed to bring Stephen Beagles (GNU’s Social Media Evangelist) from Texas, Pr Joseph Usala from Andhra Pradesh in India, and Pr David Kayumba from Brussels in Belgium all into the auditorium at the same time.

We had 4 of the world’s five continents all interacting with us at the same meeting. Thanks to Duncan Wood for ensuring that the technology all worked!

Stephen spoke about why GNU is moving into the digital age through social media evangelism. Pr Joseph spoke about his ministry in the villages of his region of India. Pr David spoke about the incredible continuing work of the book Jesus Only throughout Africa and Europe. They are all extremely grateful for your support of Good News Unlimited.

As those present saw these people for the first time on the big screen and heard their voices, I was told that there were more than a few tears shed. Why? Because their passion for the gospel was so obvious. And because of their palpable love for Des Ford.

And immediately after this, we heard a gospel message from Dr Desmond Ford himself. What’s not to love about the GNU Open Day!

Look out for the links to the videos, which will be posted here and in our Video archive soon.

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