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Sep 12, 2018 1772

GNU Teacher Profile 2; Sereesha

Sereesha is passionate about singing and serving, both of which she can do in her new role.

There are three new teachers at the Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nandiwada, India. Sereesha is one of the teachers, and she uses her love of singing and passion for the Gospel to share the good news with the children and people in surrounding villages.

Sereesha grew up in the Kammam District. She was raised Hindu, and was brought up in a tribal family where there wasn’t access to education. Her family didn’t even live in a proper house. So her family, wanting her to get an education sent her to a children’s home. It was here that she came to know about Jesus.

Before this, Sereesha had been interested in singing songs and learning dances from films. Her dream was to be in films and sing. She didn’t like Christian songs, until she learned about Jesus. When she accepted him into her life she started singing songs about him.

When she finished her studies and returned home she told her parents that she had accepted Jesus. But her Hindu parents did not take this news well and confined her to the house. While at home she prayed, and God heard her prayers. Her brothers and her mother accepted Jesus into their lives shortly after.


I have come to the Good News Children’s Care Centre to serve


Her mother then allowed her to go to a Bible college in Gudiwada to study theology, although it was over 100 miles away. There she started watching the GNU TV Programme and learned about the Good News Children’s Care Centre through her friend Shiney, who studied theology with her, and is also one of the new teachers at the children’s centre.

Sereesha is now 22 and has a Masters in Theology. In addition to working at the children’s centre, she also uses her passion for singing to spread the Gospel, going to surrounding villages with Pr Joseph and the evangelism team, and singing at the Gospel meetings. She says,

Now my life is so happy in Christ Jesus. My parents also are so happy about me. I go to various places and to Gospel Evangelism meetings to sing and worship and spread the Holy Gospel.

 So my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ. I have come to the Good News Children’s Care Centre to serve and preach and sing and share the Word of God around this place. I love to serve the children and share the Holy Gospel with them and I enjoy teaching them how to sing. I am so happy in Christ Jesus. Thanks to you all.

– Ella Rodionoff

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Andrew Nganining

Apr 8, 2019

Thank you so much for this wonderful testimony of this beautiful daughter of most high God that we serve. I am very blessed to read and to know this God bless you Shereesha.I am from Papua New Guinea and my prayer is all India should come to know JESUS..AMEN.

Salanieta Dederu

Apr 8, 2019


Patrick G. Fernandez

Apr 6, 2019

May Jesus bless you spreading the Gospel around you.

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