GNU’s Christmas Gift to the People of Africa

Dec 24, 2014 2131

Africans listening to the radioThe Jesus Only radio programme has commenced in Africa!

Thanks to your generosity and the grace of God, this is our Christmas present to the people of Africa.

We are putting the radio programmes on our website as podcasts so that you also can enjoy the messages that are being broadcast in Africa every week.

To listen to them, and to find out more, click here or on the adjacent image.

kayumba David

Dec 27, 2014

On behalf of thousands, tens of thousands and perhaps millions of Africans who have received Jesus only by Des, and some who are yet to receive the book, plus those who are already listening to Jesus Only radio program on radio Eastern Africa I wish to express our gratitude to Des and GNU for the wonderful work you have done and still doing in Africa to bring the Gospel of Jesus to every home in Africa and elsewhere. You are already aware that thousands and perhaps millions of people in Africa cannot access internet, but can access radio and you have responded to their needs through your initiatives. Through your generosity and a great commitment to the pure Gospel, you have reached us and we together with many your have come to know are beneficiaries of your commitment to the great commission of Jesus. Every honest person who has come across GNU cannot fail to acknowledge the impact of your messages. It is because of GNU impact in people’s lives that today, as an example GNU is no longer a stranger even in rural places in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Eastern Congo through Jesus only and the GNU magazines. But this is not all, so many people have benefited from the audio and video messages. For example, a Ugandan Adventist Military captain in Somalia has been blessed by the audio sermons by Desmond Ford and as a result he decided to purchase memory stick to load them with these messages and distribute them to his friends in the army. This same Soldier will be distributing Jesus only sent to him Dr. Eliezer. Such seemingly simple acts will turn into an extended web of Gospel witnesses to the glory of God. Thank you GNU and to everyone who make GNU busy. God grant you a busy 2015. God will triumph through the seeming simple acts for the spread of the Gospel.

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