God Answers Julia’s Prayer – Kampala, Uganda

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God Answers Julia’s Prayer – Kampala, UgandaGod Answers Julia’s Prayer – Kampala, Uganda

Julia is her name even though it is quite un-African to call her by that name at her age. All women of her age take a lot of pride in being addressed as mother so-and-so or Mrs so-and-so. But for Julia, she had to endure the pain of being referred to like any regular girl, though she is past 40 and has been married for the last 15 years – a period in which she has tried in vain to become the mother of somebody. Her story quite parallels the biblical stories of women like Sarah or Hannah. Except Julia had no maids to conceive on her behalf like Sarah or had the privilege of visiting a temple to pour out her heart to God like Hannah.

Julia is the deputy head-teacher in a prestigious high school, where she met her husband 15 years ago. I met her 12 months ago when I was the guest speaker at a Week of Prayer at her school. Through our interactions I came to learn that she also owns a children’s day care centre near her home where she can sometimes be found helping out her workers. She told us that she founded this business primarily out of her passion and love for children. That quality is by no doubt manifested as her day care is one of the best in Kampala, privileged to host children from some high profile people in the city.

Perhaps it was the closing sermon I peached about Hannah and her struggle with barrenness that confronted Julia with the realisation that it was high time she took her troubles to God. That evening she called me and requested that I pray a special prayer for her, saying, “I am tired of being childless.” I prayed for her over the phone and assured her that her case was now in the safe hands of God. For the next few months I made it my duty to call her every time I prayed for her situation, assuring her that God would do something about her condition.


She had come to learn that faith works and that prayer is indispensable


Two weeks ago, she sent me a photo of herself holding a baby! That photo was worth a volume of words about how glad and excited she was. Unfortunately, I had lost her number in my phone book and so I was not quite sure from whom this photo was sent. Then I called the number and was met by the familiar voice of Julia. When I asked whether I was speaking with Julia, she was fast to correct me that she was now Mother Isimbi, Isimbi being the name of her new born baby boy. And she spent the next thirty minutes preaching to me, telling me that she had come to learn that faith works and that prayer is indispensable.

Mama Isimbi narrated to me how she had taught herself to pray and believe since that day when I prayed for her over the phone. She confessed to me that she would always thank God for having met me for she would never have known about prayer and faith. She says that she can’t wait to take her baby boy for baptism when he grows of age.

– Pr Bonifresh Muhollo

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Apr 9, 2019

Hello Anitha - I can see you are having a very difficult time. Hold on to Jesus. I have forwarded your request on to our Prayer Warriors around the world so that they may uplift you and your family in prayer. Grace and peace - Eliezer

Sarah Seeboe-Neufville

Mar 18, 2019

I thank God for Julia, I have been married for almost 13 years now, am above 40 years and there is no child but we are still believing and trusting God by faith. He has done it for her and I know he will also do for me. Thank you for sharing this story.


Mar 18, 2019

Bless Mama Isimbi. I am happy for her and I pray that her son will walk with God always.

Tom Durst

Mar 17, 2019

I've focused on serving God as first in my life now for about 68 years. I've found over and over again that the temporal matters in my life such as finding a place to live, jobs, wisdom for various aspects of my life on the temporal level, transportation, etc. have all been met, not always on my time table but they have been met by the grace of God in the most appropriate way. Along the way there have been many surprises to see the different ways God has worked in my life and also in the lives of others. PRAISE HIS NAME!


Mar 17, 2019

To God be the Glory... If he did it for her, he shall meet us all in our areas of need

Legesse Tamiru

Mar 17, 2019

I deeply understanded that God created me purposly and hearing my daily pray! He silented for a timebeing to restore my requists on its exact time! !


Mar 16, 2019

It's for sure inspiring and encouraging . God changes all situations and it's upon us to have a strong faith in Him. gGid is good all the time.

Abednego Israel

Mar 16, 2019

am really inspired by the teaching here I do believe that God can change the story of the faithful person


Mar 16, 2019

Powerful I have been encouraged

Mereledua Uluilakeba

Mar 16, 2019

Our God is amazing...he has done tremendous things in our individual lives. I had this function for my eldest son in Febŕuary and only my husband and my 2 sons working. I am a fulltime mum without any source of money. What I did, I wrote up my list of what I wanted and prayed over it believing that God will provide it for me according to His only will. Coming to the last day my God provided more than enough than what I expected. Our God is just waiting for our faith and the confession of our mouth. In Iziekel 37 God told him prophesy to the dry bones....what dry bones is there that you need to prophesy to. The doctor has just diagnose a sickness...tell the sickness you have no legal right in my body right now in the name of Jesus...it will flee in no time.....all wid well and may God bless you richly.

Anitha Raju

Mar 16, 2019

Praise the Lord We are in a very pathetic financial situation and don't know how to over come it.My husband lost his job in 2017and after that he met with an accident So he was very desperated .We have 2girls 15and 5year old.Next month ,the first week of April I should take the 1st std admission of my little one and need 19500for that.I don't know how I make the payment for the admission.So this is my request . please pray for me and my family and friends.And also pray for my husband to get a good job.If there is any sponsorship for the education of children please inform me

Danny navas

Mar 16, 2019

That's a powerful testimony..i am encouraged to pray to God with Faith knowing that he will answer my prayers.

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