God Answers School Girl’s Prayer For Her Family

Apr 1, 2020 1323

God Answers School Girl’s Prayer For Her Family

Vinithuna first heard about God through seeing the GNU TV Programme. At her young age she has been facing family problems and she has been praying to God in whom she believes.

Vinithuna is from the village of Bethol, India. She was born into and brought up in a family with a Hindu background. She is a fourteen year old girl and she has been studying eighth grade in school.

One day she found the GNU TV Programme and heard the Word of God. As she heard the Word of God she got so much faith in Jesus. She believed the Word of God and accepted Jesus into her life.

She started secretly praying for her family.

She started finding out more about the true God. But there was no peace in her family. She knew that her parents had been worshipping idol gods and there was no peace and no changes in the family.

She started secretly praying for her family. Slowly they got peace and all of them are now happy. Her parents also came to know about Jesus through this girl.

She says,

It is the Holy Gospel and words of Jesus that helped a lot to change me first and then my parents. So we all are happy in Christ.

I have been praying for my family daily and studying at the school. I am so thankful for the GNU TV Programme that helped me a lot to know more about Jesus. 

– Pr Joseph Usala

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