“God has answered my prayer!” – Pr. Benoni, Kisoro, Uganda

Nov 3, 2015 1711


Pr Benoni (L) and Pr Kayumba (R) agree that it is God who brought them together.

Early one cool Sunday morning during my recent trip to Uganda,, we were driving to Bihanga Military barracks) to deliver more Jesus Only books. Little did we know that God was going to give us a miraculous “Jesus Only” moment!

Along the way, we gave a ride to a man who was going to the same region we were travelling to. We found out that this man was a pastor from Kisoro, and he was travelling to be a guest speaker in a Pentecostal church. His name was Pr Benoni.

Pr Benoni told us about his disappointment with the prosperity preachers, who are everywhere. So I asked him what he preached about, and he replied that he wanted to preach about, “Jesus Only.”


Bro. Moses Lukwago gave Pr Benoni a special gift – some of the precious “Jesus Only” books.

We were startled at his answer, because near him in the car was a box full of Jesus Only books that were delivering to the barracks. We asked him to explain what he meant by that, he gave a reasonable yet hesitant answer.

So I asked him to open and look into the box near him, and so his eyes landed on the books Jesus Only.

For him, this was a miracle! He glorified God for these books. He said, “God has answered my prayer to know the gospel!” Pr Benoni told us of his great need to be taught the Gospel, together with his fellow pastors. He requested us to plan training for them.

This man was so humble that he even confessed his great need for the gospel from those to whom he had gone to be a guest speaker. The pastor of this Pentecostal church also pleased with us to visit his Church and to bless them with the message of Jesus Only.


Pr Kayumba (L) preaching at a small gathering, with Pr Benoni translating (R).

Pr Benoni also ended up being my interpreter later that same day.

This encounter was timely and important. It was all arranged by God.

­– Pr David Kayumba

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