God’s School For Parents – Nandiwada, India

Nov 17, 2016 1513

God's School For Parents 1

Parents and the children listened attentively to the Gospel.

The shed housing the Good News Children’s Care Centre was filled to capacity recently, as parents heard about the centre’s programmes for their children. And the parents learnt a few things too. It was like going to school!

This was another “first” for the Children’s Centre: this year’s first parents’ meeting. It brought some of the parents to the shed where these “untouchable” children of Nandiwada, India, are given food, help with school, and where they learn about the Gospel. Most of these families are from Hindu backgrounds. Some are still Hindu or Muslim, while others have accepted Jesus after discovering his love through what the centre has been doing for their children.

While at the meeting, parents and children received both physical and spiritual food as they ate together and Pr Joseph took the opportunity to share the Gospel. He described to them how it was God who had led him to start the children’s centre. He also prayed with the families.

The parents gave feedback about what they think of the centre and its activities. They shared their joy and appreciation for what the centre is doing. One mother said,

Because of the Good News Children’s Care Centre our children are growing in prayer and learning about Jesus and the holy Gospel. So we see many changes in our children day by day. So we are so very thankful to you and for the activities, which you have been doing.  

Note: Thanks to your help the shed has now been knocked down and a permanent building for the Good News Children’s Care Centre has been built.

– Ella Rodionoff

God's School For Parents 2

Parents are served what looks like mangos at the meeting.

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