Good News Reaches Ngoma – Rwanda

May 30, 2016 1357

At Pastor's Home

Emma is the face behind GNU’s Jesus Only Radio programme for many people throughout Rwanda.

On 14th May 2016, Evangelist Emma travelled to Kibungo, in the Ngoma district of Rwanda, when a local pastor invited her for a meeting. Pastor Mutoniwase (Mutoni) Jean d’Amour and some of his congregation had heard Emma speaking on GNU’s Jesus Only Radio program a few months ago. Emma knew she wanted to make the trip to visit with the church because it was truly amazing how these people had been inspired from so far away.

She travelled over three hours by public bus and motorcycle in order to reach them that day.

Emma enjoyed a weekend full of the gospel and worship with the congregation in Kibungo, Ngoma. Even while Emma spoke about Jesus and the gospel, Pastor Mutoni raised some questions about her message. Because many churches in these regions have learnt to be somewhat sceptical of speakers, Emma recalls,

Pastor Mutoni was curious to know which gospel we were really carrying: If we are carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ or if we are carrying other religious teachings.

Pr Mutoniwase Jean d'Amour in Church of Christ

Pr Mutoniwase is grateful for the gospel presented by GNU.

At that point, Emma reached for the book Jesus + 0 and gave it to him in order to help explain the gospel.

He (Pastor Mutoni) could see that we were carrying the real gospel of Jesus Christ after reading and discussing some of the most important topics of the gospel in the book.

After talking with him about the gospel, Pastor Mutoni became inspired and ready to partner with GNU in spreading the word fast.

– Laura Stewart

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