Gospel Fellowships Springing Up in Rwanda Because of ‘Jesus Only’ Radio Programme

Dec 23, 2015 1761


The people in Gakenke come eagerly to hear the Gospel.

The simplicity and power of the Gospel on the radio is causing a Gospel Fellowships to spring up in different parts of Rwanda. Here is the story of one of them…

Pastor David Kayumba reports that the Gakenke Jesus Only Fellowship in northern Rwanda has grown to a membership of 45 people, thanks to Emma Uwingabire’s dynamic radio broadcasts and the ongoing influence of the book Jesus Only.


The young and not so young come and learn about Jesus Christ.

Fellowships such as this don’t just happen in Rwanda. Any gatherings in homes are forbidden without prior official approval from the government authorities.

Nepo and Vestina sought the necessary approval, and were asked the question: “Apart from these things you say to those people, what practical ministry do you offer these people?”

Nepo was proud to tell of Emma’s generosity in bringing clothes to distribute to the poor. She had also brought the gift of a radio (donated by Sammy and Josephine in Belgium) so the people could hear the radio broadcasts every week. Nepo received permission to hold the fellowship meetings, and the numbers have grown rapidly since then.


The leaders of the Gakenke Gospel Fellowship, including Nepo on the left. Emma Uwingabire was visiting, and she is on the right. Notice the Bible and the “Jesus Only” books on the table.

Emma’s vision is for many fellowships all across Rwanda, so she is now in the process of dividing the Gakenke fellowship into several smaller fellowships.

Pastor David says, “I am amazed at what is happening in Rwanda. Sister Emma is expanding the work in other places, as well. Another group in Rwamagana (in the east of the country) is developing, thanks to her commitment to this mission.”

Pastor David has recently returned from a month of visiting, preaching and training. He has now had time to reflect on that hectic time:

What I am learning from this and from other challenges I met on my missionary journey is that we need to incorporate practical ways of contributing to various needs of people in society. They need physical food as well as spiritual food. Of course, we don’t have all the money to do this, but we must be aware of these needs.

We who live in Brussels have committed to contributing some money towards health insurance for some of the people in Gakenke who cannot afford it. This will boost the work of Emma and Nepo in that area. We are waiting to receive a list of those who cannot afford it.

Some other people cannot afford any transportation to the fellowships, so the community in Brussels is trying to meet this need as well. Rwanda has a special history and so the people continue to have special needs. We will try to find ways of making our ministry relevant to the needs of these people.


Members of the Gakenke Gospel Fellowship praising God for the Good News!

God’s partners in Rwanda have energy, faith and enthusiasm.

They are grateful for the gospel and for the support of GNU as they study and spread the Gospel. Pastor David will be returning to Rwanda in January. You can be sure these fellowships will be on his visiting list.

–Eliezer Gonzalez and David Kayumba

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