Mother and Daughter Saved from Suicide – Malaypalem, India

May 16, 2016 1324


Pujitha and Santhi have accepted the Gospel and are joyful about the impact it has had in their lives.Pujitha was about to kill herself and her daughter, and then what she heard on the GNU television show literally saved her life! The Gospel continues to transform lives, bringing joy and hope to places of depression and despair! This is evident in the life of Pujitha, whom God has impacted through Pr Joseph and Good News Unlimited.

Pujitha is from a village called Malayapalem in India, where her whole family were Hindus. Both she and her daughter, Santhi were having many problems, as Pujitha’s husband was a drunkard, causing untold misery and deprivation. She became depressed, and although both she and Santhi were struggling, her family didn’t take notice. She felt unheard and alone.

Pujitha got to the point where she considered committing suicide. But while she was still contemplating this terrible “solution” to her problems, she happened to see the GNU TV Programme, which is presented by Pr Joseph. She was moved by the programme and became interested in knowing more about Jesus. It was the first glimmer of hope in her dark life; perhaps there was a way to go on living, without the terrible burdens she was carrying.

She contacted Pr Joseph, telling him about her family and asking him to pray for them. He did, and gave her a copy of the Bible and of the book Jesus Only. She began reading both daily, as well as continuing to watch the programme, and as she did, that glimmer of hope became a light that banished the darkness.

Pujitha’s life has now been transformed! Her depression is gone and she has accepted Jesus into her life, as has Santhi. The rest of her family eventually also accepted Jesus, including her husband who has now stopped drinking. The family is overjoyed at the impact the Gospel has had on their lives. Pujitha says,

In my life, I had faced many, many problems. Sometimes I wanted to end my life because there was no one who cared about me and no one who could help me. I could see no good life for my daughter, and I had total despair about her life.

One day I happened to see the GNU TV programme. This programme changed my life and led me to accept Jesus. When my relatives and friends heard that I had accepted Jesus, they punished me by rejecting me and condemning me in various ways. But I was calm and continued praying to Jesus to give peace in my life and my family. Now I am so happy, reading the holy Gospel daily and listening to the GNU programme which is on every week. I am so thankful to Pastor Joseph and GNU who led us to happiness in Jesus.

– Ella Rodionoff

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