Gospel Seeds Sown in Georgia

Mar 10, 2019 1245

Gospel Seeds Sown in Georgia

Akakiy attended evangelistic meetings after receiving an invitation that had been given to his niece.

In April 2018, Eliezer Gonzalez and friends visited Tbilisi, Georgia, after an evangelistic campaign in the nearby Ukraine. In Tbilisi, meetings were held for a week, and about twenty people attended. This was an unexpectedly high number as Orthodox Christianity is rooted very deeply in Georgia, and to be Georgian essentially means to be an Orthodox Christian.

After the meetings, four people wanted to know more, and made the decision to be baptised. This is the story of Akakiy, one of the four, as told by a local pastor:

“Near a hypermarket, one of our brothers, Nico, handed an invitation to the evangelistic meetings to a twelve-year-old girl named Lizzy. The girl brought the invitation home and handed in to her uncle, Akakiy.

Akakiy decided to go to the evangelistic meetings. After the meetings came to their end, he started attending Bible study meetings. After that, he went back home, to his native city of Batumi. 


“It is an amazing experience, which shows us repeatedly that the harvest is plentiful”


In a while, my family and I visited him and made friends with his relatives. In a month, we invited him to evangelistic evening meetings once again, but this time the local church in Batumi was organising them. After the program finished, he was baptised. Now he is active in serving God and has become involved in his church. Praise God!

It is an amazing experience, which shows us repeatedly that the harvest is plentiful. Please pray that in the future Akakiy can become a churchman and toil in the vineyards of Lord (he is taking a church leadership course now), and that God will choose a decent life companion for him and lead all of his relatives to faith in Christ!”

 The pastor also sent his best regards and said, “Thanks for the seed which has been sown!”

– Ella Rodionoff

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