Happy Birthday, Mum!

Apr 15, 2014 2018

birthday-candlesHappy Birthday, Mum!

It was my mother’s 81st birthday yesterday. We didn’t think we’d see it; the Alzheimer’s has robbed her of most of her memory and language.

She’d had a big day; they had wheeled her bed out to the lounge in the morning.

In the afternoon our family gathered around the bed at the nursing home. Her face lit up.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to her, and presented her with a big bunch of bright flowers, as well as two DVDs called “Classical Destinations.”

The DVD set takes viewers through the great cities of Europe, accompanied by the classical music that originated from those cities. I said to my mother cheerily, “Look, now you can visit all of the great cities of Europe.” And my daughter added, “And all from the comfort of your own bed!” And we all broke into laughter.

The greatest gift of all is time – the sort of time that will never be tinged with sadness – the gift of eternity. We can save time, but none of us can save ourselves. We can earn money, but none of us can earn time. That’s the gift that only Jesus offers.

Eliezer Gonzalez


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