He Hears Us – by Ella Rodionoff

May 16, 2016 1958


One of the great things about modern technology is the way that it enables us to communicate with others. People can now converse much quicker and easier than ever before.

Of course, technology still has its weaknesses. It isn’t certain that you will be able to communicate as effectively as you would like. You can’t make a phone call without phone reception. You can’t use the Internet without an Internet connection. And even when you can send someone a message, you have to wait for them to read it, to which they may or may not reply.

However, we can communicate with God in an even quicker and easier way. People have been able to talk to God this way even before modern technology. This is through prayer. Isaiah 65:24 says,

Before they call I will answer;
 while they are still speaking I will hear. 

We can pray to God confident that he always hears us. It doesn’t matter where we are or what time it is. We don’t need phone reception or Wi-Fi. We can’t go out of range.

Not only does he hear us but he hears us straight away! We don’t have to wait for him to check a phone or a computer to receive our prayers. He hears us instantly. And he always answers. Even when we feel like he is ignoring us, we can trust that behind the scenes he is working everything out for our good.

– Ella Rodionoff

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