Healing and Hope for Rwandan Genocide Survivors

Mar 18, 2016 1615

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Jesus + 0 is shared with multitudes through GNU

A new book by Gill Ford is helping to both spread the Gospel in Rwanda and bring healing and hope to women Genocide survivors.

The book Jesus + 0 was written in Australia by Gill, translated by Thomas Munyaneza in Belgium, and edited by David Kayumba in Belgium.  Both Thomas and David did this work on a volunteer basis. The book was printed in Kenya, and then delivered into the grateful waiting hands of needy people in Rwanda. This project is an amazing example of the global reach of GNU, and how the Spirit of God inspires and brings people together without borders, so that Word may Spread Fast. This project was funded by GNU’s recent appeal for Africa.

Evangelist Emma, who heads up the Jesus Only radio program, and Gill knew nothing of one another when Gill wrote Jesus + 0 in 2014.  When Emma first saw a copy of Gill’s book, she began to distribute it wherever she went. Her passion, like Gill’s, to share the Gospel and to help these survivors, runs so deep that she is known to share the Gospel just about anywhere she goes.

As a volunteer, and at untold personal sacrifice, Emma travels to far places to run evangelistic programmes on behalf of different churches and Christian groups. Her usual mode of transport is on the back of a bicycle!

Because Emma is invited to attend many speaking engagements throughout the year, Jesus + 0 is spanning the territories, and more importantly, lives are being transformed.  At a recent crusade in Nyarutovu, Emma shared a two hour message before distributing the book; and it doesn’t stop there!  She has been invited to speak at even more churches since the masses have caught wind of the impact of her message and Jesus + 0.  Pastor David Kayumba writes:

The leader of this Church in Rwanda was very grateful that such a gift could be available to his people.  He reminded his congregation about Jesus Only and made vote of thanks to GNU for spreading the Gospel fast.

To sum up how this partnership with Emma and Gospel sharing has affected her as the author of Jesus + 0, Gill reflects:

I am so happy that this gifted and deeply spiritual woman of God is distributing my book, and my prayer is that there will be fields of harvest in Africa for the Lord Jesus Christ.

– Ella Rodionoff

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