Help spread the Gospel to many more people on television and radio!

GNU has been working hard over the past 12 months to make Des Ford’s crystal clear teaching about Jesus ready for distribution in audio and video form.

Now God has connected us with broadcast partners in INDIA, UGANDA and AUSTRALIA who want to beam GNU’s gospel programs to an audience of millions of viewers and listeners!

That’s why we’re establishing an International Gospel Fund with a goal of $60,000 to immediately make the most of these opportunities. And we’re praying you can give generously today to help.

This initial $60,000 will fully fund the first phase of GNU’s international broadcasts:

  • A weekly Good News Unlimited television broadcast in India to 250,000 people
  • A weekly broadcast on a community FM radio station in Uganda to 500,000 people
  • Entry into Christian radio in Australia with the potential to reach millions here!

The Lord has opened up these exciting doors of opportunity. Now we must step through them.


So, please prayerfully consider a generous contribution below. We’ll send you a copy of Des Ford’s powerful Jesus Only book to thank you for helping take the gospel to the perishing!

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