How God Answered Prayers Across the Globe So That Pr Mike Could Have A Bible

Aug 27, 2015 1706

We regularly receive dozens of letters at a time in response to our radio and television ministry across the world. We received this letter from Pastor Mike in Nigeria. There are many very poor pastors like him in Africa who have never received any training in theology or ministry at all, but God has still called them to preach the gospel:


God miraculously used Rebecca (L) and Sara (R) to answer Pr Mike’s request.

Dear Beloved,

Greeting to you in the wonderful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am a local pastor of a small church here in the interior village. I am glad to tell you that I have been hearing your broadcast on radio station (Radio Africa). It has been a blessing and encouragement to me and I am praying daily for you. Please do also pray for me.

Please if you come across any good study Bible, send me a copy. A used one is acceptable to me. It will help me more towards my Bible study, teaching and preaching, as I have no money to go to a Bible college. Your help will be received with grateful heart. Extend my greeting to the saints in your ministry.

Your brother in His service,

Pastor Mike Okorie

My daughter Rebecca helps me with the ministry of GNU. She helps with our social media, as well as in retyping (and sometimes deciphering the letters for me!) While I was away, she came across this letter. For some reason, she mentioned Pastor Mike Okorie’s need to Sara Littman at the Good News fellowship meeting in Milton, Brisbane. The strange thing is that I have never heard her mention any of the letters there before.

Sara realized that she just happened to have a brand new study Bible sitting on her shelf that she hadn’t used for ages. And so she offered to donate it for PR Mike. And so, PR Mike received his study Bible.

GNU isn’t usually able to answer specific requests like this because of the costs of the books and the postage, which are prohibitive. We have a pocket-sized gospel book to send to the many requests we receive from the third world for literature.

So why was it that PR Mike received his Bible? Well, here is the back story…

Sara herself was found by Jesus and rescued from the pit of despair a couple of years ago. Since then, she has found herself used time and time again in incredible ways for the salvation of others.

To see the twist of grace in this story, here is what Sara said about how she came to give this Bible to Mike,

It is just amazing the way God works through us! This Bible of mine has been on my mind and I’d been thinking it wasteful that it sat there, so I asked God to tell me who needs it… I’ll be sure to send a note to our brother Mike, to me it seems God answers prayers even as they are made. Like the answer is there before the request, and the request is prompted also at His will – just incredible care and provision from our loving God.

Sara had asked God to show her someone who needed it! Don’t you love those twists of grace! And so I am sure Mike himself will be doubly blessed as he learns from Sara’s note how miraculously God answers his prayer.

For a particular reason according to his providence, God wanted PR Mike to have this Bible. Mike had been praying for a Bible. He put it in Mike’s heart to ask in his letter to GNU, and he put it in Rebecca’s heart to mention it to Sara, when Sara herself had already prayed to be shown who needed it… and GNU were happy to work with God to send the study Bible to PR Mike.

We serve a good God, don’t we?

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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