How God Brought a Husband and Wife Together Across Continents to Discover the Truth About Jesus

Aug 21, 2015 1649

Here are the testimonies of a lovely couple – a husband and wife who discovered the truth about Jesus during GNU’s recent meetings in Brussels.

The wife lives in Europe for unavoidable reasons, and the husband lives in Africa. He regularly visits his wife. Usually it’s a holiday, but this time, his wife told him that when he arrived for the summer holidays, they would be travelling together to attend gospel meetings organised by GNU. The husband was surprised, but went along.

And they were glad they did. Their lives will never be the same again!

What follows is in their own words, from a transcript of what they publicly stated at the end of the meetings. – Eliezer Gonzalez

The Wife

Baptism Belgium 1

The baptism

I want to thank the organizers of these gospel meetings for this event. And I thank Pr Eliezer for the messages he has preached to us.

I have heard for the first time, who really Jesus is, and what he has done for us. What I have heard in these meetings is very different from what I have always heard from the church I used to attend in Rwanda.

They used to preach to me about miracles of healing, and prosperity. And every time that I was disappointed by false hopes, I used to despair. When I look back on the experiences in my life, I can see that due to these preachers of miracles are healings, I unnecessarily put up with many things. Had I known what I have learnt from these gospel meetings, I would not have gone through the despair I suffered.

Now I have understood what Christianity really is. The messages I have heard from these meetings have enabled me to understand what Jesus has done for me; that he gave his life for me. And that is why I have made a decision to surrender to Jesus and get baptized. Thank you Pr. Eliezer for these messages. God bless you all.

The Husband

When I planned to visit my wife in Europe, I thought I was going to be a holiday as usual. But when I arrived here, my wife told me that we had to go to attend a gospel meeting for a week. And when Pr Eliezer started preaching his first sermon, I was totally gripped by the message.

My first encounter with this message of ‘Jesus Only’ was during the visit of Sammy and Josephine to Africa. I acted as their driver and cameraman. You see I am Catholic since my childhood. But the way Sammy and Josephine were talking about Jesus only, and the way they were sharing this message in the market in Rwanda left a great impression on me.

As they went about sharing this message in the market place, they encouraged the people to sing a song that we knew which is says, ‘if you are in Jesus, remain in him’. As the people danced for joy as they discovered Jesus in the marketplace, my mind was full of the thought of Jesus only, and this song became very meaningful to me. The ministry of Sammy and Josephine in the marketplace was my introduction to Good News Unlimited.

Now through the message preached by Pr Eliezer at the meetings in Brussels, I have come to understand Jesus in a different way. Moreover, I am impacted and surprised by the way Pr Eliezer preaches Christ so passionately. Why? Because I am used to seeing African preachers who preach prosperity and healing gospels. I have never seen a white person who preaches the actual Gospel of Jesus with such a passion. Whenever I come to Europe and visit the churches there I find only a few people in the churches and a white pastor or priest who is there because he is employed, and they speak with no conviction.

But Pr Eliezer has indeed blessed us with great messages and I have learnt what I did not know about the meaning of the cross. The cross has been made clear to me and I thank you very much and I hope we shall one day have you in Rwanda. God bless all of you. – Transcribed and translated by David Kayumba, Edited by Eliezer Gonzalez

Kayumba David

Aug 26, 2015

We thank you and and GNU for saying Yes to the moving of the Holy Spirit and decided to be available for this great harvest.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Aug 24, 2015

Thanks Pr David. Both you and Sammy were instrumental in this couple's journey to salvation. Praise God.

Kayumba David

Aug 23, 2015

This is a very great story of how Jesus works in the lives of his dear Children. And the half of it is not yet told, It will be told as days go by. This Gospel of Jesus is so powerful that it makes the difference and it sets apart truth from fable and this was very clearly articulated by a usually soft spoken Chantal when she came face to face with Jesus in the Preaching of Pr. Eliezer. This story is one of the testimonies of the hunger in our world for the Gospel from those who sincerely seek after a self-emptying gentle savior.

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