How God Has Led The Good News Children’s Care Centre

Jul 5, 2019 1208

How God Has Led The Good News Children’s Care Centre

Eliezer Gonzalez stands with two of the teachers from the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

Eliezer Gonzalez and friends of GNU visited Pr Joseph’s ministry in India earlier this year. While they were there they were able to see the Good News Children’s Care Centre and meet the teachers there, and see how far the children’s centre has come.

The Good News Children’s Care Centre started several years ago after Pr Joseph noticed that there were very poor children in the “Untouchable” village of Nandiwada who were acting up and causing trouble for their parents. Some of them were so poor that they had to catch rats and snakes for food to eat.

Pr Joseph started the centre with one teacher in a rented room, where the children were taught school subjects and about Jesus. The people in the community noticed how nice the followers of Jesus were being to their children. People, who would not have otherwise have been interested, started coming to the Gospel Meetings held in village.


“The care that is shown to the children is wonderful”


A formerly Hindu man named Narayanna Rao saw the kindness being shown to the children in his village, and donated a piece of land for a building to be built for the centre, saying,

I am very inspired by the activities of the Good News Children’s Care Centre, and that it is giving a good education to the poor children, whose parents are also very, very poor. The care that is shown to the children is wonderful.

So they built a building on that land. Over the years the school has grown, with children from other villages also coming to the Good News Children’s Care centre. There has also being an increase in the number of teachers. In 2017, the children’s centre became an official school.

On the recent visit to India, Eliezer and friends were able to visit the centre, meet the children and teachers, and look at the facilities. The children put on a programme especially for the visit, and they were given gifts. It was great to see the way that God has blessed the centre, and the ministry it is doing.

– Ella Rodionoff


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