How God Rebuked Me Through A Miracle

Sep 23, 2015 1503

Praying over the Man who couldnt walk

The very moment I prayed for Krishna so that his legs would be healed.

This is a story about how much God loves me, and all who believe in the name of Jesus, many faults and failings.

Duncan and I were ministering in the villages of India. The meetings were held late in the evenings, in the open-air, insect-infested village squares, because most people work in the rice paddy fields during the daylight hours.

Duncan, GNU’s Production Manager, wanted to have some video footage and photographs of village life, so we needed daylight. I asked Pr Joseph Usala, if he could take us early to a village. So he organised for us to arrive half an hour before sunset.

Man who couoldn't walk testimony

That evening, Krishna shares his testimony in the prayer meeting in the village.

That didn’t leave us much daylight to capture the images, so we walked quickly through the little lanes of the village, filming and photographing as we went.

Pr Joseph paused outside many huts, asked me, “Pastor, will you come in and pray with this person?” Each time, I said no. Daylight was failing fast, and we had to get those shots! After each meeting, dozens of people would ask me to pray for them individually. So I did plenty of praying, late into each night.

As we walked past one hut, Pr Joseph invited me in to pray again, and for some reason, I said yes. I walked into the hut, where a small, older man was lying on the ground. He got up painfully when he saw us coming.

I asked Pr Joseph what the man needed prayer for. He told me that it was that the his legs might be strengthened and healed. Krishna, who was sixty-five years old, had been unable to attend the prayer meetings in the village – only a couple of hundred metres away – because he could not walk. So I prayed for him in faith that the Lord would heal him.

Cut to the evening prayer meeting in the village. After I had shared the gospel with the people, Pr Joseph invited people to share testimonies and thanksgiving to the Lord. The second person who walked to the front was Krishna.

He thanked God because he had not been able to come to the prayer meetings for a long time, but I had come to his home and prayed for him, his legs had been made strong and he had walked to the prayer meeting. He rejoiced in the Lord because of it.

I praise God for this man. However I take this as a very humbling rebuke from the Lord for me. I must learn to love people like Jesus loves people.

I am too often too busy with “things.” But Jesus puts people first, and not things. While I was more interested in getting some nice pictures of people, Jesus wanted me to pray for them and love them more. So now I pray,

Lord Jesus, give me more of your mercy, more of your heart, and more of your love, for those who are hurting.

What about you, my friend?

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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