How Peace Came to Yesu’s Family – Nandiwada, India

Jan 19, 2016 1694


Yesu (R) accepts a Bible from Pr Joseph (L), donated by a big-hearted supporter of GNU. Yesu’s family are behind him in the photo.

In Nandiwada, the village of the untouchables, Yesu, his wife Ruth and their two children Navya and Sara are joyful in their new-found Christian faith. The children have been attending the Good News Children’s Centre and their parents are delighted with their progress.

“The Centre has helped all of us,” sayd Yesu. “We are so grateful that now we know about Jesus and we have real peace in our family.” Just recently they were the recipients of one of the Bibles given to the people of Nandiwada by a generous GNU supporter.

God’s word continues to spread fast in India. Yesu adds: “Thank you,  Jesus!”

– Joseph Usala

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