“I am Proud and Honoured to be Able to do This Work for Jesus Christ” – Construction Begins on the Good News Children’s Centre, Nandiwada, India

Nov 22, 2015 1323


Pr Joseph (L) contributing to the building work.

It’s time to update you on God’s work in the Good News Children’s Care Centre in Nandiwada, India. Construction has begun!

When Duncan Wood and I visited Andhra Pradesh a few months ago, one of the many inspiring stories we brought back was our report on the Good News Children’s Care Centre. This centre was begun by Pastor Joseph in response to the great need in the impoverished village of Nandiwada.


The pillars are up!

The centre began in a hired room, but soon outgrew that confined space. A generous Hindu village elder, Narayanna Rao, was inspired by the change in the children and donated a small parcel of land. Since then, everyone has been praying that God will provide the means to build on this land, so Pastor Joseph can continue to teach and feed these children.

The project is growing to fill the great need of this village. Pastor Joseph has drawn up plans for three halls: one for the children and for the care of the village’s elderly people, a first floor to be used as a Good News Training Centre, and a second small building at the front of the property, which Pastor Joseph plans to use as a prayer hall that will be open 24 hours a day.

Pastor Joseph is an active partner with God. He doesn’t sit around waiting for God to do all the heavy lifting. He tell us:

It is the Holy Spirit of God who inspired me to take a small loan of INR50,000 (about AU$1,000) from the bank to start the work without any delay. This would be enough for us to complete the pillars and beams of the building. And while we were doing this, some of the children’s parents saw our work, and volunteered to help us.

They are so happy that their children have this opportunity to learn, and that we will also care for their old people.

We are also using this money to pay some skilled workers.

The rest of the building we will need to put into the precious hands of God to complete. According to the will of God, we will do it.

The total cost of this project is Australian $45,000. Pr Joseph says,

I know that it is very huge money to spend for these three halls. It is my long plan to complete slowly by the grace of God, and as God provides funds, the construction work go on. It is only by so much faith on Jesus that I am starting this work.

If you want to help this Good News Children’s Care Centre to be built –­ a true beacon of the Gospel in a desperately impoverished Hindu area – you can donate online here:


When you donate through our website, you will need to separately let our office know that this is for the Good News Children’s Care Centre Construction Project.

We are able to bring you breaking news that God has used another generous GNU supporter for this special work. This person has donated sufficient funds for a concrete slab to be laid for the building. This is not just the floor of a building, but a foundation for eternity.

The villagers are so poor that a number of them are happy to work on this project for the small amount of money Pastor Joseph can afford to pay them. Others, understanding the value of this centre to their village, have the means to donate their time.

Many of these Hindu people have already accepted the Gospel.

“The full happiness of Jesus is seen on their faces,” says Pastor Joseph. “Why? Because of the great blessings they have seen as a result of learning about Jesus and accepting him into their lives.”

We’d like you to meet some of the volunteers working on this project.

Although I was a Hindu, this work has helped me learn about Jesus, and I have accepted him into my life…

Pavan is a stonemason, whose skills are invaluable for this building, both as an artisan and as a supervisor. He says,

It is my great pleasure and honour to build the Children’s Care and Elderly Care Centre. Although I was a Hindu, this work has helped me learn about Jesus, and I have accepted him into my life. Before I began this work, I was unhappy and restless. But after a short time, I have been touched and inspired by the message of the Gospel and now I have peace in my life. This has brought happiness to me and my family. This building is going to help so many children and elderly people to learn about Jesus Christ and to accept him into their lives. I am grateful to the people who have made this building possible. Thank you in Christ.

Working here, I have come to understand the wonderful life and salvation of Jesus

Kiran Kumur is a young man of 22, who has offered his services to work on the building. He has already contributed 8 days of labour to the project. He says,

This is the first time I have seen work like this done in this village. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful work of building the Good News Centre. Working here, I have come to understand the wonderful life and salvation of Jesus. I now pray that many more people will be helped by the Good News Centre, and till come to know the true teachings and love of Jesus.

Subha Rao is 45 years of age and was born a Hindu. He saw what was happening at the Good News Children’s Centre and at the prayer meetings, and he offered his services to help with the building. He had never volunteered like this before, but God had touched his heart at the meetings, and he found the happiness of the Gospel. Its joy contrasted with the darkness of his traditional worship and the unhappiness of his life.

It is a great help to my village to know more about Jesus and live in peace in Christ Jesus. I am so happy that these buildings will bless the lives of our children and elderly people.

It is solely because of this Good News Centre that my children have found salvation in Christ.

Naga Raju is 36 years old and was also born a Hindu. His two children attend the Good News Children’s Care Centre and have accepted Jesus into their lives. He thanks his children for bringing home the good news of the Gospel, so that now he and his wife are also new Christians.

It is solely because of this Good News Centre that my children have found salvation in Christ. They are studying and are very happy now. My wife and I are very grateful that we have come to know Jesus through our children. I learned that Pastor Joseph needed help to build the Good News Centre, so I have been happy to volunteer. I am proud and honoured to be able to do this work for Jesus Christ. I pray that many people in my village will come to know the Gospel through the Good News Centre.

The joy and happiness of Jesus dwells in me. We are so happy about what is happening in our village

Manikyalarao, like almost everyone in the village of Nandiwada, was a Hindu, with no knowledge of Christianity. But his son started attending the Good News Children’s Centre. His son was so enthusiastic about the centre that Manikyalarao visited to see it for himself. He stayed to listen and was so impressed that after two days, he volunteered to help on the building.

“So I happily invited him to do the work,” reports Pastor Joseph, “and he has now given six days’ labour to this building.”

He told Pastor Joseph:

This is the first time I have volunteered like this. The joy and happiness of Jesus dwells in me, and my wife and I are so happy about what is happening in our village. We want to continue to help establish this Good News Children’s Centre and Elderly Care Centre so many more people will learn about Jesus. There are many Hindu people in this village and in neighbouring villages. I pray that all these people will one day accept Jesus into their lives and find salvation in Jesus Christ. My wife and I are praying daily for this centre and for all the people who are helping to build this.

The Good News Children’s and Elderly Care Centre is a building built on faith—an active faith that prays and builds, in the name of the Lord of the Gospel. Thank you for being part of this amazing project. We ask for your prayers and, as you are able, your support for the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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