I Didn’t Preach the Gospel Because I Didn’t Understand It – Pastor Ramanna’s Story

Sep 29, 2015 1852


Pr Ramanna sharing his testimony.

My name is Ramanna. I have been a pastor for ten years but in that time my church has not been growing. Still I have had great faith in God and I have continued, but I did not preach the gospel to people outside the church because I did not understand this.

My life and ministry started to change when I saw the Good News Unlimited television programme. I am so thankful for the Good News Unlimited TV programme which Pastor Joseph has been presenting. It has greatly inspired me and strengthened me in all ways and in all times. I have seen that I can do a great work for spreading the Gospel, and now my church is growing.

Because I saw the TV programme and was encouraged and inspired by the message, I contacted Pr Joseph on the telephone, and he invited me to join him in the GNU Gospel Evangelism meeting that he does once every three months. This meeting brings many people into Christ Jesus. I went to the meeting, and I learnt from Pr Joseph how to preach the gospel.

Before my life was unhappy, although though I was a pastor in a church. But now, after watching the Good News Unlimited TV programme, and going to the Gospel Evangelism meeting, a lot of changes have taken place in my life and ministry. I am so thankful to GNU and Pastor Joseph for their love and great work that they do for us.

– Supplied by Pr Joseph Usala, and edited by Eliezer Gonzalez.

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 16, 2015

Thank you for your encouragement in the Lord! I really appreciate it. Be blessed as we work together for the Coming King! – Eliezer

J Ross Barron

Oct 16, 2015

My name is J. Ross Barron I have NOT been a pastor but a lay-person for some 55years but in that time my church has has been growing. Like you, the Religious Organization that I began in was not preaching the New Covenant Scriptural Gospel. Still I have had great faith in God after learning just what God's Gospel is and I have continued, to learn, to preach the Gospel to people inside and outside the church when I did come to understand this. Thank you for your courageous testimony - I have been there personally, but God has not let me down in my journey. Incidentally it was that man Dr Desmond Ford that had a profound influence in assisting me to sort out the New Covenant Scriptural Gospel as opposed to the cultivated religious diatribe in the "heady 80's." Praying for you personally and GNU as you continue to spread the word. It must be so near Jesus' return - let us keep spreading the word!

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