Image Bearer

Jan 6, 2015 2099

by Edward Fudge

fingers of god“Physical with limits. Mortal by creation.” Thus, we bear the Image. Mark of our Creator indelibly imprinted. Autograph of Maker certifying product. Personal inspection gained his high approval. He pronounced it “very good.”

His signature now spoiled and smeared, the image yet remains; reminder of our origin and of his rightful rule. He formed the human first from dirt; from stuff of earth at that. Dirt-creatures, clay dolls, men of mud – to earth shall all return.

Yet live for now, for life we have, life breathed by Life itself. In-spired, spired-in, nostrils flared with spirit, breath and wind. God’s Wind brought life from Chaos deep, from virgin’s holy womb. Creation old, creation new – Life has the final word.

– Edward Fudge (Used with permission from Gracemail)

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