Introducing Pastor Bonifresh Muhollo: An Interview with GNU’s New Evangelism Coordinator for East Africa

Feb 1, 2016 1511


Pastor Bonifresh is a talented theologian and a brilliant Gospel preacher.

Eliezer Gonzalez:   Pastor Bonifresh, can you please tell me some basic information about yourself?

Bonifresh Muhollo:   I am 29 years old and I was born in Laikipia East County, Nanyuki, Kenya, near the Mount Kenya National Park.

E.G.:       So what do you like doing in your spare time?

B.M.:       Reading, listening to inspirational music and observing nature – those are my hobbies.


E.G.:       Pr Bonifresh, tell us a little bit about your early years?

B.M.:       I am the youngest of nine children, and my father died when I was only 13 years of age. My mother was and still is very religious. I had a tough time in school, and it caused me to develop bad behaviour. By the time I was in High School, I had become a bully. At some point during those years, I lost interest in spiritual matters. My family could not afford to send me to college, and there was very little to motivate me to lead a good and productive life. I was frustrated and often thought about suicide. My conversion is a journey of extremes: from something similar to agnosticism to religious fanaticism, but I thank God I was finally led to the full light of Christianity.


E.G.:       What is your understanding of the Gospel? I’m sure that the friends of GNU around the world would be interested in this.

B.M.:       I believe that the gospel is indeed good news. In simple terms I would describe it simply as forgiveness of all manner of sins. The vilest sinner forgiven is incapable of rejoicing in sin any longer. He/she desires to be good but is broken by the feeling of spiritual poverty. He/she then understands that only through grace and nothing else can his/her soul be saved.


E.G.:       You are a young man, Pastor Bonifresh. How do you understand that God has prepared you for this ministry?

B.M.:       I see the hand of the Almighty in my entire life. God directed my path to a theological seminary and eventually to a ministry for him.


E.G.:       How did you come across the ministry of Dr Desmond Ford? How has Des impacted your life?

B.M.:       I first watched a presentation on Hebrews chapter nine by Ford. His message was simple but profound. After that, I hunted for his online sermons, books and articles. Last year, I saw on Facebook that Good News Unlimited was coming to Uganda. I determined to attend, and wrote, asking to meet with the Good News Unlimited people.


E.G.:       Yes! That was where I first met you: last year at our evangelistic conference in Uganda! What was your impression of the meetings?

B.M.:       GNU has boosted my understanding of the gospel and the best way to spread it. Meeting you and the rest of the GNU crew revived my missionary zeal. My heart melted as I listened to the testimonies of how people had been blessed by the ministry. And I was one of the many who were blessed.


E.G.:       Pastor Bonifresh, when I was in East Africa, I found that Christianity seems to be everywhere. Why do you think that the message of the Gospel is needed more than ever?

B.M.:       Yes, Christianity is widespread, but I see two problems. The first problem is that the core message of the gospel has been overlooked. And also, the doctrinal differences within Christianity often paint an incomplete picture of Christ. Thus there is need for a gospel ministry that is faithful to the Holy Scriptures and can communicate its message in a way that everyone can understand and accept.


E.G.:       How do you feel about your new role with GNU?

B.M.:       My new role gives me the freedom to preach the pure Gospel, to sincerely communicate the Word of God fast to everyone who will listen.


E.G.:       And will you measure your success in this role?

B.M.:       I consider that faithfulness to the ideals of GNU and honesty to God and his people will speak volumes about my progress.


E.G.:       What is your passion, Pastor Bonifresh? At the end of the day, what drives you?

B.M.:       I am driven by the mystery of the universe – the secret of God as it pertains to our destiny. Life has always puzzled me since I was a kid, and I believe that God holds the answer to all our questions.


E.G.:       I want to tell you that Desmond Ford is 87 years old today. What message would you like to send him?

B.M.:       Des Ford, I dream of meeting you one day. In the meantime, rejoice, because your ministry is changing lives for the better.


E.G.:       And what message would you like to send the supporters of GNU around the world?

B.M.:       I want to say to them that the sacrifice made by GNU sponsors is being felt all over the world, and especially here in East Africa. Keep up the good work and God bless all of you.


– Eliezer Gonzalez and Pr Bonifresh Muholio


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