It Does More Than You Might Think – by Dr Philip Rodionoff

May 2, 2016 2267

It Does More Than You Might Think

In my practice I diagnose a lot of people with vitamin B12 deficiency. Usually they are surprised when I give them their results. Most people have heard of B12 deficiency, but they don’t consider that they could have it.

So what is the problem with being low in B12? Vitamin B12 is involved in many critical functions in the body. These include energy production, production of DNA, immune function, cardiac health, nerve protection, and mental health. Many people low in B12 feel fatigued, lethargic, flat and even depressed. In severe cases they may suffer from severe anaemia, nerve damage, and even paranoia.

Where do we obtain B12 in our diets? It is only present in animal products. Those who are vegan must supplement B12. Lacto-ovo vegetarians still need to be mindful of their B12 levels, as they frequently have lower than optimal levels on testing. Even non-vegetarians can be low in B12. We should remember that we could be taking enough B12, but just not absorbing it satisfactorily. This is something that your doctor can test for you. However, it should be noted that dietary deficiency is much more common than poor absorption.

B12 levels can be checked with a blood test. Laboratories will have differing normal reference ranges, but many practitioners with an interest in nutritional medicine recommend a level of at least 500 pmol/L. In my experience people below this level feel less energetic. The lower the level, the worse most people typically feel.

So what to do if your levels are too low? The easiest solution is to supplement. Injections are available and should be considered for more severe deficiency. Tablets or lozenges are also available. I prefer the lozenges, especially in the form of methyl B12, as lozenges tend to be better absorbed and the methyl form is utilised more easily by the body.

Remember that vitamin B12 performs many critical functions in the body. However, deficiency is all too common. A simple blood test can check your levels. And supplementation, where appropriate, can make an enormous difference to the quality of your life.

Director of Good News Unlimited
Philip Rodionoff is a medical doctor who has a special interest
in nutritional and preventive medicine. He also holds a Master’s
degree in Religion and has presented in many parts of the world on
evidences for the Christian faith. He is the co-author of the Da Vinci
Decode. He is happily married with three children and lives on the
Gold Coast in Australia.

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