Jun 19, 2015 1308

tina-1The messengers of Jesus Christ, those who bear the gospel to the world’s lost and broken, are continually called to “go above and beyond”. They are asked to reach more people for Jesus, so they too can believe and come to know him as their Lord and Saviour.

We encourage each other in the gospel, but GNU’s main aim is to reach more for Christ – to spread the Word fast! In everything we do we have a single focus: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks to friends like you, today we are reaching tens of thousands of people every week through social media. Untold thousands of people tune in to our radio and television programs. Hundreds of people watch our video presentations – people like Tina, who wrote:

I watch you on YouTube and have learned a lot about who I am in Christ and it has changed my life! I am joyful now to know I am accepted and loved.

Marketing experts say that when you have a message you have to be very clear about your audience. We are. The greatest Marketing Expert of all has told us to: “go into all the world” (Mark 16:15).

Since GNU commenced its renewed effort to share the gospel two years ago, the Lord has certainly taken us on a wild, wonderful journey of faith. Under his guidance, and through your generous support, we won’t stop until he does!

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