How Jesus Bears Our Griefs

Oct 28, 2014 4784

This morning I was reading Matthew 8, and something my attention that I had never noticed before. Here is the passage:

When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, 17 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying:

He Himself took our infirmities

And bore our sicknesses. – Matt 8:16–17

80_jesus-heals-a-man-born-blind_1800x1200_72dpi_2It is fascinating to see how the writers of the New Testament interpret the Scriptures of the Old Testament. Their methods of interpretation are not the same as ours. After all, they aren’t twenty-first century Christians who have gone through all the theological development of the last couple of millennia.

You see, we assume that the way we interpret Scripture must always be correct, because… well… that’s the way we do it. However, the way that the NT writers, and even Jesus Himself, understand and use the OT is an endless source of fascination to me, since they do it in first century-Palestinian Jewish ways. You see, they had never gradated from one of our very knowledgeable modern seminaries.

When you pay attention to what the NT writers actually say, they can give us fresh insights not only into the OT text, but also into the person and work of Jesus Christ.

For example, in the text above, the apostle Matthew is quoting the well-known verse in Isaiah 53:4. In my mind I relate this text with Christ bearing our sins at the cross. So it becomes a highly spiritualized concept. And I usually only ever think of it in that context.

However, when the apostle Matthew quotes this text, in his mind it has to do with the power of the compassionate Christ who heals every sickness with his word, so that it is in his way he has borne our griefs and carried them (away).

So who is right? Am I right in what I have been taught, or is Matthew right?

Who is inspired Scripture writer? Matthew or me? Obviously Matthew; obviously not me. So I certainly cannot dismiss Matthew’s take on Isaiah 53:4! Both Matthew and I are right.

This shows us that Scripture does not have simply one meaning and application. It teaches us that culture and context plays its part in how we understand it. But it also teaches me a much more beautiful lesson.

It tells me that at the cross Jesus truly did take ALL my infirmities and really did bear ALL my sorrows. They were all there in Christ, nailed to the tree. What happened at Calvary was not simply some esoteric, conceptual, spiritual thing.

Christ reconciles all things through the cross (Col 1:20). And because of that, Christ has all authority on heaven on earth today to take my sorrows, my grief, my sicknesses, and my pain and carry them away.

Of course, Isaiah 53 is about how Jesus would deal with sin at the cross.

However, in terms of what Matthew was trying to say, here is the bottom line: Christ has power to bear your sicknesses and your pain today. You are not alone. He has power to heal you today. And whatever burdens you may need to bear, He will bear them for you.

That’s what Matthew would have said that Isaiah 53:4 is all about. And it adds even more beauty to the prophet Isaiah’s incredible prophecy of Christ. We haven’t yet plumbed the depths of Calvary.

Eliezer Gonzalez


Nov 3, 2015

Dear colleen...please read the book of Job from the Bible it might help you to understand more...about your experience. You must keep the faith in God for these are the days that the devil will try hard to carry us away from what the word of God teaches us....stay strong. God bless you

Eliezer Gonzalez

Oct 12, 2015

Hi Colleen - Your pastor is right. While we live in this world, we have no guarantee that every disease will be healed, and every suffering removed on this earth. Even Paul the apostle prayed three times that the Lord would remove the "thorn in his flesh" but the Lord said to him "My grace is sufficient for you." Yet we know that the Lord does heal people miraculously. So your question is a good one. I don't think we can fully know why this side of eternity. The phrase "By his stripes we are healed" is referring specifically to the guilt of our sin - not physical illnesses. Yet "by his stripes", Christ has been given authority over all the works of sin as well. All of the workings of evil will be undone. God takes an eternal perspective. The one who believes in Christ will never die, according to the promise of our Lord Himself. That person has eternal life the moment they believe. Earthly death is but a transition to eternity - a "sleep" is what Jesus Calls it many times in the gospel of John. So the life we live here on earth is just a drop in the ocean compared the the truth of our lives in Christ, which are eternal and incorruptible. So we must see things through the eyes of faith. Yes, your daughter will be fully, totally healed. Perhaps on this side of eternity, or perhaps on the resurrection morning. And the joy of eternal life will eternally outweigh the time of suffering here on earth. In general terms, the reason why there is still suffering and pain on this earth, even for those who love the Lord, is because we live on a planet in rebellion against God. This whole planet has been taken hostage by the devil. Christ has defeated the devil and won the right to reign unopposed for ever, at Calvary. However, he has not yet fully exercised that right. We live in the kingdom of grace, and not the kingdom of glory. The kingdom of glory will come soon. And when it does, every wrong will be made right. I don't know how, but we have Christ's promise that it will. Until then, we hold on in faith. I hope that helps a little. – Eliezer

Colleen Joao

Oct 11, 2015

My daughter has been dealing &suffering with pain after a simple hysterectomy that had gone wrong. Why after 3 years she continues to be in pain & suffering? She has returned to church and Christ after many years of not wanting to come to church due to how the church had treated her uncle who was a pastor. Our pastor mentioned to me that Christ do not heal everyone and many who suffer will have to bear it until Jesus returns. By his stripes we are healed so why do other people are healed and others are not? Christ is not a respecter of man. Please help me to understand.

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