Jesus Did What the Idols Couldn’t! – Dr Ramakanth and Vani

Nov 12, 2015 1434


Vani (L) and her husband Dr Vanakanth (R) tell everyone about how powerful and good Jesus is.

Dr Ramakanth and his wife, Vani, were practising Hindus for many years. Like many Hindus, they took the rituals of their religion seriously, faithfully performing them every day. But they had a great void in their lives, because they had no children, and as they years went by, they became more and more anxious. As a doctor, Dr Ramakanh was able to obtain medicines that might help them, but they were unsuccessful.

One day, someone loaned Dr Ramakanh a book about Jesus Christ. He read it, and shared it with his wife. They were impressed with what they read, and disillusioned that all their worship thus far had yielded little benefit in their lives. “Let us accept Jesus in our lives, and ask him to give us a son,” said Vani to her husband. So they became Christians, and learned to pray and worship Jesus every day in their home. Finally, they had peace that Jesus would care for their future. They found happiness.

And by the grace of God, two years later, they were thrilled to welcome a son into their family. From then on, they have told everyone about Jesus, and what he has done in their lives. Pastor Joseph tells us: “Many people have accepted Jesus through this doctor.”

– Pr Joseph Usala (edited)

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