‘Jesus Only’ Changes Lives in India!

Oct 4, 2015 1447

Recently, the book Jesus Only was translated and published in India. The stories are starting to come back from people whose lives have been blessed and transformed through this little book. Jesus Only is a beautifully simple book about Jesus and the gospel, that was written by Dr Desmond Ford, and abridged and simplified by Pr Ritchie Way.

Here are some of the stories, told by Pr Joseph Usala in Andhra Pradesh…

“Before I read Jesus Only, I had no hope”


A lady gratefully receives her copy of ‘Jesus Only’ from Pr Joseph Usala.


Recently I got the phone call from Prasanthi and she shared me with about the Jesus Only book—how this book helped her in her daily living. Before that, she had no hope and she was unable to do any work and she had no strong faith in Jesus. By reading the Jesus Only book and watching weekly the television programme on Saturday morning, she has been growing in the love of Jesus. Now she has a strong faith in Jesus and she is able to do her work happily. Now her whole family is very, very happy to come to the Restoration Good News Centre prayer meeting monthly. Please pray for this lady.

“Now I believe in Jesus”


A happy young lady receives here copy of ‘Jesus Only.’


Sundramma is 45 years old and she had lot of family problems. One day she came to the prayer meeting, which I have been conducting weekly. After the prayer meeting she shared the problems which she has been facing daily. Then I prayed over her and gave Jesus Only book to her and told her to read it daily and pray well. She has been reading the Jesus Only book daily and it has influenced her a lot and changed her life. The problems which she was facing have been solved and she is very happy. Now she has great faith in Jesus and his teachings. Please pray for her.


Another young lady receiving her copy of ‘Jesus Only’

“If you believe in Jesus, you will see wonders in your life”


She was born and brought up in a Hindu family and she was married in a Hindu temple. She has two children and her husband is a drunkard. She is very unhappy. She had gone to many Hindu temples. But it was no use. One day I happened to go near to her house for the prayer meeting. Then she came and sat at the back of the meeting. I preached the Good News at the house and prayed for all the people who had come. After the prayer meeting she came and asked me to pray over her. After the prayer she told me about her family life and the problems she has been facing. Then I gave her the Jesus Only book and told her to read it daily. She has been reading it daily and one day she made the phone call to me. She thanked me for giving her the Jesus Only book and told me it brought her to accept Jesus in her life and gave peace to her family. She loves the teachings and preaching of Jesus, and says that if you believe in Jesus, you will see wonders in your life. Now she is very, very happy. Please pray for her. Thank you in Christ.

Jesus Only has given us new life in our old age”


Another copy of ‘Jesus Only’ is gratefully received.

Durga Rao and his wife Nagamanne

Durga Rao and Nagamanne are a wife and husband who are very, very old people and they have been living in a hut with little money. The old man is very sick and unable to walk without the help of a stick. One day as I was visiting some houses for praying and sharing the Good News, I went to this old people’s house. Then they asked me to pray over them and their lives. Then I prayed for them and they were very grateful. I asked them, “Are you able to read?” They said, “Yes, we read a little.” Then I gave Jesus Only book to them and they have been reading daily. They have been blessed and now the old man became better and they have been coming to the weekly prayer meeting. So it is Jesus Only book that has made them very happy and gave them new life in their old age. Please pray for them. Thank you in Christ.

Jesus Only has changed my whole life”


The front cover of the ‘Jesus Only’ in Telugu.


Kumar is a Roman Catholic man and one day I happened to meet him in the shop. Then I asked him about Jesus and his teachings. He was unable to tell to me about Jesus and his teachings. Then I gave him the Jesus Only book and told him to read it daily at his house. So he has been reading the Jesus Only book daily. Now this book has influenced him in his life a lot. Now he is coming along with me to the prayer meetings wherever I go. He is very, very thankful for the book Jesus Only. This book has changed his whole life and now he has great faith in the teachings of Jesus. He is able to preach and tell about Jesus to others. Thanks to God.

“I lost everything but now I have found Jesus!”

Vijaya Kumar

Vijay Kumar was born in a Hindu family and his great-grandfathers were Hindus. He had no faith on Jesus. He was living for worldly pleasures. One day he fell sick and he lost everything and was hospitalized. So I went to the hospital and prayed over him and gave him the Jesus Only book. I told him to read it daily and he did. He was healed and came to know what is the real life and the importance of life. Then slowly he accepted Jesus and his teachings. His family and wife are not happy that he has accepted Jesus, but with great faith in Jesus, he has been coming to the prayer meeting and learning about the holy Bible. Now he is much interested to spread the Good News. Please pray for him in your daily prayers. Thank you in Christ.

­– Pr Joseph Usala

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