“Jesus Only” Radio Drives a Gospel Harvest in Rwanda

Dec 27, 2015 1800

Radio in AfricaSometimes it’s difficult to remember that it is only a few months that God planted the seeds of the Jesus Only radio program in Rwanda. After three months of broadcasting, we can reflect on remarkable progress.

This radio program is unique, not only because of its message, but because it is inspiring the establishment of home fellowships, and helping us to set up relationships with other Christian churches, reports Pastor David Kayumba.

The large home fellowship in Gakenke now has almost 50 people, and there is another growing fellowship in Rwamangana.

We have heard that some people walk up to four hours to attend the fellowship meetings. Gakenke has become a hub for the Gospel, thanks to Nepo and his wife Vestina. They read the book Jesus Only after they received a copy from Sammy and Josephine in the market. When they heard the Jesus Only radio broadcast, they felt led by God to commit to sharing the Gospel in partnership with GNU.

We’ve heard the stories of how Emma has visited Nepo and Vestina’s fellowship, and how it has grown under their care. Emma has been invited to give more Bible studies, and even to lead an entire weekend of preaching in other churches. This is a special work where we can partner with other Christians to help more people to understand the great truth and joy of the Gospel.

One of the great features of the Jesus Only radio broadcast is the talk-back section of the program. People tell how they have discovered peace, acceptance and hope in Jesus and the gospel only.

An example is a caller named Patricia. She said,

We thank you for this radio program. It has brought us lessons that we have never conceived before. We have been helped to understand that Jesus only is the way to our Father. The message is clear, simple to understand and beautifully articulate, and I now feel great peace in my Lord.

A very young caller from Gakenke, Farajia, said this:

I have learned that we should walk the walk of love—the love that brought Jesus to this world, and the love and loved me as well.

Pastor David reports that they are currently identifying potential leaders of home fellowships in various parts of Rwanda. The plan is to provide them with training in January, so they can be confident in setting up and running their own fellowships.

Emma’s enthusiasm for the Gospel is an inspiration, says Pastor David. She lets nothing stand in her way, and can often be seen being transported on a bicycle when there is not other way to get around. Now Pastor David is praying for the means for GNU to have its own transport so the message can reach more people who are hearing the Jesus Only radio program.

We thank God for Emma and the team of Gospel evangelists who are leading a Gospel revolution in this scarred country where people are hungry for hope and joy.

– Eliezer Gonzalez

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