Jesus Saves Hit and Run Victim From Death

Jul 8, 2022 1231

Jesus Saves Hit and Run Victim From Death

Ratnam is a 45 year old tribal woman from the village of Hindupalli, India, who met an accident and Jesus saved her.

Ratnam was born into a tribal family and she did not know about Jesus. She and her husband catch rats, snakes and frogs and fish to eat and live in a hut.

The main work they do is catching all these animals to eat and they go about and drink and sleep. They do not have proper clothes and beds and blankets. She and her husband live on the bank of the river and she has two daughters and one son.

One day she and her husband were going to another village, walking on the road early in the morning. One van came up behind them and hit Ratnam hard and she fell onto the road and the van driver drove away with the van.

Only her husband was there with her. He thought that she was dead. She was unable to get up and her leg was broken into pieces and blood was bleeding. Then her husband put her onto his shoulders and brought her into the hut.

The people who live around and nearby came and saw her and thought that she would die. After a few hours she was taken to hospital and she was in the hospital.

Her family and neighbours thought she would die, but Jesus saved her.

Before the accident I had gone to her hut and prayed for her and her children and shared the Holy Gospel. In the hospital she was praying to Jesus in her heart and thinking, “Only Jesus can save me. No one saves me”. So she had faith in Jesus and was only doing prayers the time when she met an accident. She never stopped praying.

After two days I went to her village where she lived in the hut and then people and her children said that she had met an accident and was about to die within a few days. So I went to the hospital and saw her and prayed over her and shared the Holy Gospel. She got much faith in Jesus and was daily praying to him.

So slowly she has been getting well and by the love and grace of Jesus she came home. She is so happy and her children are happy and her husband is also happy in Christ. The people who live nearby her hut wondered how she got well. So it is only Jesus who made her get well and healed her and saved her from an accident.

Ratnam says,

It is Jesus who saved me from death. When I met an accident I thought that I was dead and my life is no more on the earth. It is Jesus who gave me second life to know more about him and only pray to him. I am so thankful to Jesus in all my life and I do share my testimony with all my people who do not believe and do not know about Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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