Jesus the Servant

Oct 8, 2015 1283

“I say to everyone of you, Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought” (Rom. 12:3).

Self has only one desire, and that is to sit on the throne of your life. Self is a dictator that wants to reign over you. Don’t let it fool you into thinking you are better than you really are. Without Christ on the throne of your life you are nothing.

Think of the stories of Jesus in the Gospels. It’s rare to read a story about Jesus being serves by other people. The story of how his feet were washed by Mary’s tears and anointed with her expensive perfume is remarkable because it didn’t happen all the time. But there are countless stories of how Jesus helped everyone who came to him, how he served, a how he put their needs ahead of his own.

If you make Christ your king he will rule your heart, and you will reflect him. Jesus came to serve and not to dictate. Being Christlike is to be humble and caring like him.

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