Jesus Transforms Lives of a GNU TV Programme Viewer and Her Alcoholic Husband

Apr 19, 2022 1005

GNU TV marthas story

Martha is a 45 year old woman who lives in the village of Chowtapalli and she has been selling fish in the market for years. She accepted Jesus into her life by watching the GNU TV Programme.

One day I went to the fish market to buy fish. Martha was selling fish and asked me whether I preach on TV. I said yes. So she felt so happy and started sharing with me about her bitter life before accepting Jesus.

She said that she has been selling fish in the market daily and going home in the evening and in the family there was no peace. Whatever money she got from selling the fish her husband would drink and waste the money.

She has two sons who have been studying. So she has been working very hard from morning to evening. But her husband did not do any work. Instead he asked her for money in the evening. If she did not give it to him, he quarreled with her and took away the money by force and drunk and came back in the night. So she was suffering like that for years.

By watching the GNU TV Programme she came to know about Jesus.

One day she saw the GNU TV Programme and heard the Holy Gospel and started believing in Jesus. She was born into a Hindu family and she did not know about Jesus. But by watching the GNU TV Programme she came to know about Jesus.

So she showed more interest and faith in Jesus and in hearing the Holy Gospel. She has been watching and hearing the Word of God and she has been praying. By her faith her husband has changed after two years and she felt so happy in Christ. Then she was baptised in Christ Jesus. She is so happy and her husband now also does work.

Martha says,

It is because of the GNU TV Programme that I came to know about Jesus and accepted Jesus into my life. I was so sad and unhappy for years due to my husband drinking. But Jesus changed his life and heard my prayers by faith. I am so happy now in Christ. Thanks for the GNU TV Programme.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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Nji Romanus

May 23, 2022

I want to know more concerneing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

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