Joseph the Father Finds New Meaning in Salvation – Nazigo, Uganda

Aug 10, 2016 1321


Joseph now has peace in his salvation after reading Jesus Only.

One man is now seeing the truth about righteousness because of the gospel message presented by GNU. Joseph is a man that Moses Lukwago met while travelling the region of Nazigo, Uganda for GNU. During a home visit, Moses also met Joseph’s son Martin, who has severe neurological complications. Joseph and his other children sometimes find it very difficult to care for Martin.

Realising the need of Joseph’s family, Moses shared some donated items with them such as clothing, school bags and shoes. Next, he gave Joseph a copy of the book Jesus Only.

Joseph has been involved with a church for some time, but since reading Jesus Only, he wants to share the gospel truth with others he meets. He says:

I have found new truths about righteousness by faith and this has brought me peace in my salvation. I want my friends to experience this salvation too.

Joseph is eager to receive more gospel resources to share with his friends. Willing hearts help Word Spread Fast.

– Laura Stewart

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