Joy Erupts as Bibles Reach M23 Congolese Rebel Soldiers

Mar 2, 2016 1544


The joy of the soldiers was when they received their Bibles was spontaneous and infectious!

On 16th of January 2016, I had the opportunity of meeting with the M23 rebel soldiers from Congo and who now live in Bihanga Barracks in Uganda. This was the most joyful event I have experienced so far this year.

This meeting was the result of the gift of Bibles by a committed GNU donor to these people. No wonder they sang for joy!

I had the privilege of delivering the Bibles to them on behalf of GNU. Earlier, the Gospel had reached these men and their families through the ministry of GNU, and it has given them joy and hope in their exile from their country.


The soldiers decided to not wear their uniforms on this special day!

Major Karangwa, a spiritual leader in this army , delivered a stirring sermon based on material from chapter 19 of Jesus Only by Dr Des. He preached with the true power and conviction of the Gospel. With the power of the cross, hearts are being broken and remade by the gospel of Jesus.



Pr David (centre) with Major Karanja (in the suit and tie).

I would like to quote the words of Major Karangwa:

We thank you for giving us so much, and much more than we requested. You have given us the Word of God as well as your gift the Jesus Only books. You have blessed us and our families, you have equipped us, and given us our marching orders to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

It is like we have woken up to a great new day in our witnessing. Please continue praying for us, your work among us is not over. We need to know more and to do more for our Lord. As we continue spreading this message, many people are asking for the book Jesus Only. Please when you are able, send us more books.

I know that the time will surely come when we shall get back home to Congo, and we trust that our relationship with GNU will even more become vibrant. You are a friend indeed in our exile.  Thank you very much for honoring us and making us feel special.

 I add my thanks to the generous GNU supporter who made this possible. – David Kayumba

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