Joy in Nandiwada as God Provides Bibles for the People

Feb 10, 2016 1583

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The new believers in Nandiwada are thankful to God for their new Bibles. Pr Joseph is in the white.

In Nandiwada, India, the people are rejoicing at receiving new Bibles! This village of so-called “untouchables” is where the Good News Children’s Care Centre is being built and continually leading many people to Christ.

Before the Children’s Centre, the people of Nandiwada had been living as Hindus, and practicing idol worship. But through the centre, the people have learned about Jesus, and family after family has accepted him into their lives! Through the Gospel evangelism prayer meetings and preaching, they joyfully continue to learn more about the Gospel and grow in their faith.

However, the people were hungry to learn more and desired to read the Bible daily for themselves. So through Good News Unlimited, Pastor Joseph received money to buy Bibles to give to the people of Nandiwada. Now they have been learning much more about Jesus through their own reading.

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People who could never have been able to buy the Word of God now have it in their hands!

Pastor Joseph writes,

They are so happy and their lives have been changing in Christ. By receiving the Holy Bibles they have become interested in reading and knowing more about Jesus. It is the Holy Bible which gives them strong faith, courage and miracles in their lives. Many families are coming forward to know more about Jesus.

Since they are very poor people they cannot afford to buy the Holy Bibles. So it is God who has been sending the helpers through GNU to give them Bibles. I am so much thankful to GNU and the helpers who have been giving the Holy Bibles.

− Ella Rodionoff

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