Julia’s Story: My Way To God – Poltava, Ukraine

Feb 13, 2018 2403

Julia’s Story: My Way To God – Poltava, Ukraine

Julia has found joy in Christ.

I grew up in a Soviet family; we believed in Lenin, not in God. We believed that God was invented by capitalists so poor people’s lives would be easier for them. At that time I imagined God as a kind, bearded old man in the sky.

My life was shattered when I was 17. I suffered sexual violence. For two years I was being caught and tortured by the same perverts. I was afraid of telling my mother because she demanded and insisted that I had to save my virginity until I got married, but things went differently… In order to drown out the pain, I started drinking alcohol.

I had a question for God: where was he when such things were happening? At that time we were already attending the Orthodox Church – it was all the fashion to go there then. But to me God was a punishing and cruel God; I was afraid of him. At the age of 21, I took drugs for the first time.


I had a question for God: where was he when such things were happening?


Once I went to a monastery in search for help. I met a few people there, one of whom read the Bible a lot. That man even tried “driving out of demons” from me. I was afraid of that. For some time I was very afraid of the devil and often had nightmares. My new friends and I spent a lot of time together there talking about spiritual things, but the whole time we were under the influence of drugs.  Then one by one my friends died, and I was left, having been infected with HIV. After this I stopped taking drugs. I learned more about God, especially about the Bible, through which he can be known. I began to read and understand more.

After this, I got married. My husband was a drug addict and I started taking drugs again. Then I became pregnant and my child died. I felt terrible desperation… One of the people closest to me died of a drug overdose in my arms. I imagined my life as a boat without any aim or destination. I remember myself crying to Heaven at that time, “Lord, I am in a boat on the sea which knows no destination. Lead it and wash it ashore. I have no strength.”


God has been with me and loving me all my life, even during the difficult times


Soon after that my husband threw me out me. It was a blessing – we lived badly, and at last we separated. Immediately I went to get help for my drug addiction at the hospital. It was the year 2016.

I began attending Gospel meetings led by GNU pastor. For the first time in my life I was able to really study the Bible in peace, together with other people, and I was able to understand many things. I’ve now realised that God has been with me and loving me all my life, even during the difficult times. For example, being born in prison and then being given to the orphanage meant I was taken and brought up by another family. It means God cared for me.

I have given up smoking! For me, this addiction was even stronger than drug addiction. I have changed my social circle. Now, for the first time, I have a few real friends. God reveals Himself in my life through people who share his love with me. Now I am confident that everything will turn out well. I can really say that now God is everything to me — He leads and give me strength.

– Julia (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)

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Betty Ukin

Aug 9, 2018

The God that we serve is a loving and patient God eventhough how terrible we may be he is stiil holding his hands out to us telling us to come to him because he died on the cross for sinners. God is love and he loves us so much and he knows all our needs and problems so we have the choice to decide to follow him and receive the eternal life or listen to the lies of the devil and become slaves to sin and continue doing evil and end up in eternal punishment. Luke 1.37 Nothing is imposible for God when we come to him for his help.


Jul 27, 2018

Am really blessed by these testimonies and I believe ardently that God is with us in all our situations. for these are "tests" for our "testimony" to be manifest. God bless you all.

Tom Durst

Jul 21, 2018

When I was in University some 50 years ago I worked hard in my studies and earnestly prayed at my exam times and was truly blessed. God is with us in all of our human needs and circumstances. PRAISE HIS NAME!!

Jacob Mahama

Jul 21, 2018

Our Redeemer Liveth!


Jul 21, 2018

The same thing happened to me in 2014 when i was writing my secondary school leaving certificate, I worked very hard so that I should pass with good grade I prayed to God for his wisdom so when we started writing exams I used to pray before I seat for each paper I used to do that until I finished exams I had hope that with God everything is going to be OK but I lost hope with the results that came out meaning that the results were not good ones comparing to how I worked hard and how I was praying to God to help me so I went back to school and rewrite the exams even though I never prayed to God this second time and I didn't work as hard as I did before and I wrote the exams but to my surprise I did best I got good grades in each subject and now I have been selected into a public university where will do my first degree and now I believe that God will always find a way to show you that he never fails let us keep worshiping God even in difficult times

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