Is it all Just Spin?

Oct 10, 2014 3438

power-of-GodI was recently asked on the telephone by one of the supporters of Good News Unlimited if the stories we print in our magazine and newsletter are all just “spin” or are they true. (“Spin” is colloquial express and refers to a message that is deceptive in some way to suit the purposes of the author.)

At first I must confess to being a little put out by the question, with its implication that GNU is in some way deceiving people. I am, after all, personally involved, and largely responsible for what we publish.

But then I saw it in a different way. I am very pleased that this gentleman asked the question. I am so close to the stories that at times I forget how amazing and incredible they are. They are beyond what we have become accustomed to; they go beyond what is natural – they are supernatural in the very best way.

Are the stories of the gospels just spin? Are the stories of the Book of Acts just spin? Of course not, yet their first hearers would have received them with initial disbelief. I don’t want to compare the stories coming through GNU with those stories. No dead have been raised yet – at least to my knowledge. However, the point is that it is all, and solely, the work of God.

We can provide names and phone numbers for every person who is mentioned in our magazines and newsletters, and you can ask them for yourselves. Additionally, and here is the truth also, we are receiving so many wonderful stories and making such progress under the power of God that we only have enough space in our print publications to include a fraction of what is happening. It is here on Facebook and on our website that we try to publish as much as possible of what is happening.

And here is yet another fact. Pr David Kayumba and I have been discussing the difficulty that we have in getting testimonies and stories back from Africa, where the people do not have a “writing” culture, but instead, they have an oral story-telling culture. And to put this into perspective, most of the people whom we minister there have never seen a computer before, so it is actually difficult to get anywhere near a full picture of what the Lord is doing through the ministry of GNU, especially since we do not operate through employees, but through intermediary volunteers.

But whatever marvellous things are happening in the spread of the gospel, still that is not enough. We want to see more of the Spirit of God. We want to see more people reached for the gospel. We want to see more lives transformed. We want to see Jesus come again soon.

I want more and more people to ring me incredulously and ask me if the stories coming out of GNU are true.

For the glory of God.


Eliezer Gonzalez

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