Living on Autopilot

Feb 22, 2021 3072

Living on Autopilot

In 2019, aviation authorities around the world grounded all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Apparently a new automated flight control system was malfunctioning, and had sent two planes into repeated nosedives. The pilots tried valiantly to regain manual control of the aircraft, but were unable to do so. 346 people lost their lives in these airline disasters.                  

Airline pilots are taught to trust the autopilot systems, but also when to take over manual control. But that hadn’t worked out in these cases.

The autopilot systems on the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft had taken over, with deadly consequences!

I reckon that too many people’s lives are nose-diving out of control. I reckon that too many people are living on autopilot today, and they need to wake up and take control of their lives before it’s too late.

When you choose the salvation that God offers you, you get the control of your life back.

The pilots on those doomed flights were assured by Boeing that everything was working well and that their systems could be trusted. In the same way, we’ve been lulled into a full sense of security that what we’ve picked up by ourselves about life from society, our schooling, and even our parents, is good enough, and that our bearings are right and we’re going in the right direction. We’ve been lulled by our world into a false sense of security. And so, we live our lives on autopilot.

But then, like those poor pilots, many of us come to the point where we realise that there is something dreadfully wrong, and we struggle in panic to correct the course of our lives. We do the things we’ve been taught to do, but in so many circumstances, they don’t work!

But that’s not everyone’s story, and it needn’t be yours. There are some who discover how to get their true bearings in life, and how to really fly!

God offers a way out of living on autopilot.

God tells us in the Bible that without him we are slaves to sin. That’s the autopilot life right there. That’s our default. Have you ever wondered why you can’t escape the patterns of your life. This is why.

But when you choose the salvation that God offers you, you get the control of your life back. Because you have a solid base for your identity in the world, you can grow to become the person you were created to be.

How do you get to that point? The first step is to accept that your life isn’t going in the right direction and that you need God’s help. The second step is to accept his offer of salvation and eternal life. The third step is to step into the new life that he has given you: to consciously let go of the controls of your life and let him take the controls.

Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, it’s easy to slip into the autopilot system the world offers you. It’s deeply flawed and it will literally drive you into the ground!

You can’t trust the autopilot that the world tells you to use. But you can always trust God.

Eliezer Gonzalez

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Eliezer Gonzalez

Mar 1, 2021

Hello Peter - No, there hasn't been a change of management at GNU. Dr Ford went to his rest in 2019. Before then, he wasn't actually specifically writing the devotions that were being sent out under his name. These were redacted from his books and other writings. In the recent period, I have written devotions going through the gospel of Mark, so we wanted to share these with people. We will put out more devotions by Des in due course. - Grace and Peace, Eliezer


Feb 28, 2021

God is creator, upholder, and governor of all things. He is also omniscient, all things being open and naked before His eyes. His wisdom is infinite, embracing all knowledge and is independent of all His creatures. This intelligence is perfect and absolute. His infinite power is shown by all His creations from the infinitely great to the infinitely small. All His acts are done by the exercise of His volition, and are seen by man in the universality, variety and multitude of His works. His intelligent, infinite intuition comprehends all things past, present or future. Man analyzes things to find out their nature. God knows the nature without the analysis.

Peter Johnson

Feb 28, 2021

I have really appreciated your daily devotionals that are helping to build my faith. When I first started to receive these messages a lot of them were written by Dr Ford. Many of your readers are probably also wondering if there been a change of management in GNU? Could you please enlighten me in this. Peter


Feb 28, 2021


Delphina Darko

Feb 28, 2021

God is the one who created me and therefore He knows what's best for me...I consciously let go of the controls of my life and let God take the controls. As I step into the new life that God has given me I know there is no fear because God's in control.


Feb 23, 2021

Amen I trust God with my whole life

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