Man Donates His Land and Hut to GNU

May 12, 2017 1475

Man Gives His Land and Hut to GNU

Yesupadem is full of happiness to be able to give all he has to God for the work of the Gospel.

Yesupadem has donated his small plot of land and his hut to GNU in India. That’s all that he owned. Yesupadem’s wife had died and his children had moved away and he had never heard from them again. Now a Christian meeting place is being built there, where the Gospel can be shared.

When Pr Joseph travelled to Yesupadem’s village, Venandapudi, to preach the Good News, Yesupadem decided that he wanted to help GNU to spread the Word fast. All he had was his land, but he voluntarily donated it to GNU so a “prayer hall” (a Christian meeting place) could be built. Even though he is no longer a young man, Venandapudi, even cleared it and cut down the trees so it would be ready for construction.

Recently, the local fisher people and famers stopped their work to watch a line of tractors driving along the dirt road. The tractors all stopped at a small plot of land – almost 300 square metres of rocky, uneven ground. The tractors brought mud to level the site. Then cement was laid down, and the walls started to go up.

This building, which is to be called the Good News Visions Prayer Hall, will be used to help actively share the Gospel with people from both this village and surrounding communities.

A tractor delivers a load of dirt to the land for the construction of the Good News Visions Prayer Hall, with Yesupadem looking on.

A tractor delivers a load of dirt to the land for the construction of the Good News Visions Prayer Hall.

Yesupadem says,

I have been watching the GNU TV programme every week. It is the Word of God that touched me and moved my heart to donate this land. And it was the Gospel Evangelism in my village that inspired me as I heard the holy Gospel and the preaching and teaching of Jesus. Now the land can be used for spreading the Gospel in my area to those who do not know about Jesus.

 I am so happy and glad that I accepted Jesus into my life. I have no-one but him. My wife died a long time ago and I have no children nearby as they moved to far-away places. So I live alone here. But this Good News Visions Prayer Hall will help many people to know about Jesus. Please pray for me. Thanks to you in Christ.

– Ella Rodionoff

Note: With Yesupadem’s agreement, GNU has allowed Pr Joseph Usala’s local ministry in India to take title of the land, since GNU does not wish to be in the business of directly owning land or buildings in India. GNU does also not wish to see Yesupadem without a home. As a result, Yesupadem will continue to live, at no cost to him, in the building being built on his the land he has so generously given for the spread of the Gospel, and his accommodation will be an improvement on the hut in which he previously lived.

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