Meaning of Life by Desmond Ford

Sep 30, 2014 1989

Eternal Life – Now!

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All our questions about the universe and existence involve the prior question of “What is man?” Who or what is this being that asks the questions?

When Nonsense Makes Sense

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It does not matter who you are, my brother, my sister. It does not matter how many times you’ve failed. It does not matter how many mistakes you’ve made. It does not matter how weak you feel, how foolish you’ve been-this man, Christ, receives sinners.

The Riddle; The Guesses; The Answer


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Friedrich Nietzsche [1844-1900] is an adequate parable 1 of out times. Born in the same year Darwin wrote his first sketch of On the Origin of Species, the young Nietzsche desired to be a minister, please God, and benefit humanity. After reading Darwin, his religious ‘illusions’ vanished, and he found himself confronting nothingness. “ls there still an up and down? Are we not wandering aimlessly through an infinite void? Does not an empty space breathe upon us? Has it not grown colder?

The Key of the Cross


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We believe in the sun, not because we see it, but because through it we see everything else. That’s the way it is with Christ of the cross.

Is Life Sense or Nonsense


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Whether we consciously choose to be or not, all of us are philosophers. We are all embarked on the voyage of life. And, whether we sail amid storms or halcyon weather, decisions must continually be made.

The Wonder of the Story


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Everybody knows that the Bible is the story of a great wonder. It tells of God becoming human to die in our stead. It tells that while eternal right must be maintained, eternal love has found a way to save transgressors.

Who? What? Whence? Whither?


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Men avoid nothing so much as solitude and rest, because it gives them too much time to think of the uncertainties of life and destiny.

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