“My Friend Just Told Me That He Has Been Given A Book by GNU in This Car!”

Nov 5, 2015 1462

2 pump attendants

The two petrol pump attendants who were so excited to receive the gospel through the book “Jesus Only.”

The hunger for the gospel is found everywhere. When we stopped for petrol (fuel) in Uganda during our recent gospel mission trip, the petrol pump attendant was surprised that we gave him book Jesus Only as a free gift.

Before we could drive away, his colleague came running for the same book. I asked him how he got to know about the book, and he said to me: “My friend just told me that he has been given a book by GNU in this car’. His enthusiastic expectation for the book humbled us. And so we told him to go on and be Good News Unlimited, spreading the Gospel everywhere.

– Pr David Kayumba

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