My Great Discovery – by Eliezer Gonzalez

Jun 9, 2015 2255

Hand up

Yes, I was the annoying kid who always stuck his hand up first!

When I was in fourth grade I got in trouble. I was a talkative little fellow, and my teacher had decided that I had had enough, so she demoted me for one day to a class in the same year, but of lesser ability.

I didn’t really enjoy that, but I dedicated myself to trying to behave so that I could go back to my usual class. My temporary class was learning how to do long division. Because I was finding it easy, my mind must have been in a particularly creative state, because I discovered a new method for doing long divisions – one which was a lot quicker and easier than the standard method.

I went home very excited, and I tested it time and time again on a number of different division problems. It worked every time. I was convinced that I had discovered something that would revolutionise the practice of maths education. I went to bed with a smile on my face that night, thinking about how the next day I would demonstrate to my regular teacher just how astonishingly brilliant I was.

But when I woke up I had forgotten how to do it. I racked and racked my brain but could not remember it. It only I had written down my great discovery! But my new method for solving long divisions had been lost to history.

Although that day was a long time in the past, I still remember my excitement to this very day. And yes, I am still convinced of the reality of my discovery!

There is a wonderful discovery that awaits all of us – a discovery that we can all get really excited about. And that is when you discover just how much God loves you – in fact, so much that in Christ he has freely provided everything you need to have an abundant life here, and the gift of eternal life.

That was the greatest discovery I ever made, and I am still thrilled about it today.

– Eliezer

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