“My Life Has Become Full With Jesus’ Love” – Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Jun 13, 2019 2586

My Life Has Become Full With Jesus’ Love” – Mykolaiv, Ukraine

“I have seen the world with God’s eyes.”

When you are a young, energetic person, you serve yourself. You make a career, concentrate on material objects and worry about earthy and sinful things. When you live this way, the best years of your life pass by. That was true for me. When maturity finally came to me, I felt drawn to God and was overwhelmed with a sense of spiritual starvation.

One day, by chance, I switched on the TV to a Christian channel where a sermon was on. I became interested. I watched all the programmes on that channel with excitement. This included Bible study classes, sermons and so on. I became interested in the Bible. After that, they sent me Bible study courses, and I started studying them.

Then, the Lord sent me people who were acquainted with the church that owned the TV channel. I understood, ‘It is my church!”

Some time later a preacher from Australia and a GNU pastor visited us with an evangelistic programme. I did not miss a meeting. During the two weeks, they talked about the Bible stories about Jesus Christ, about the creation of the world in regards to our reality, about good and evil, and about many other things which touched everybody’s feelings.


I thank my great God that he has made me free from the burden of a busy, sinful life


At the end of those evangelistic meetings they invited those who wished to be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, and I did not doubt but with joy accepted the invitation. I thought, ‘God has called me!’ I was baptised, and that was the best day of my life.

Now, I am with Lord Jesus Christ, and I have a new heart, new thoughts and a new life. My life has become full with Jesus’ love. That is why every morning, during the daytime and when going to bed, I thank my great God that he has made me free from the burden of a busy, sinful life. I have seen the world with God’s eyes. This world has become unspeakably beautiful for me because I felt his love when he touched me. Praise God! Amen!

The Lord has called me!

– Marina (Edited by Ella Rodionoff)

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Jun 14, 2019

Many people give attention to things are not so important. They strive all their lives to be famous and gain human recognition but these don't last AS FOR MAN.. HIS DAYS ARE AS GRASS AS A FLOWER OF THE field SO HE FLOURISHETH. FOR THE WIND PASSED OVER IT AND IT IS GONE ;AND The PLACE THEREOF SHALL KNOW IT NO MORE ( psalms 103:15)when we stand before Master 'He'll be interested in what we did with the Gospel in saving souls. Every soul on earth is valuable to God because He ransomed all men at a very high price ;the precious blood of His Son Jesus. That's why the Bible says when one sinner repents there is joy ? in heaven. Grace and peace

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