“My Whole Life Has Been Changed From Sadness Into Joyful” – Interview With Deepak The Mute Evangelist

Oct 26, 2015 1659


Ishmael (L) and Deepak (R) rejoice over Deepak’s new bicycle.

Recently, we published the story of Deepak, the Mute Evangelist. His heart’s desire is to be an evangelist and to preach the gospel with his own tongue. Until God heals him, he has dedicated his life to travelling long distances, on foot and often without foot, to serve at evangelistic meetings, even if only by setting up chairs or serving water to the people who attend.

A member of the GNU’s wonderful family worldwide read the story, and the Holy Spirit told them that they must help Deepak.

As a result of this, this person has sponsored Deepak, so that Deepak is now receiving enough for him and for his mother and father to eat, and for his regular medications, and for his studies, so that he is now able to attend the Deaf School run by the Indian government. A bicycle has also been provided for Deepak and his father so that they may travel to gospel meetings more easily.

We interviewed Deepak and his father Ishmael about this miracle.

In My Heart of Hearts I Had Been Praying…

1) How will this change your life, Deepak?

Deepak: “It is my greatest joy in the love of Jesus for my life to be turned around thanks to the sponsor. I never dreamed of how something like this could happen. But in my heart of hearts I had been praying to Jesus to get help for my life so that I might be able to spread the Gospel in many places. So now my whole life has been changed from sadness into joyful.”

2) Have there already been changes in your life, Deepak?

Deepak: “Yes, there are already a lot of changes in my life. Now I am fully happy in Christ.”

It is the Holy Spirit of God Who Has Arranged For This Great Blessing…

3) Ishmael, what would like to say to the sponsor?

Ishmael: “It is the Holy Spirit of God who has arranged for this great blessing for my son and for my family, through a godly person, who has a great heart for helping my son Deepak. We are very, very thankful to the sponsor for sponsoring. We pray for the sponsor’s good health and for the sponsor’s life. My son and I are thankful now and forever in the mighty holy name of Jesus.”

The Supporters of GNU Have a Great Heart for Jesus…

4) What would they like to say to GNU supporters, Ishmael?

Ishmael: “We would like to say that the supporters of GNU have a great heart for Jesus. You all have been doing wonderful works by supporting GNU. GNU has been doing wonderful works by spreading the holy Gospel. We are very much thankful to GNU supporters. Because of the GNU supporters, GNU has been growing very fast in and around the world. We have the great privilege and opportunity to be part of GNU. We love and pray for GNU supporters in our daily prayers. Please pray for us and the Gospel work in India.”

For God All Things Are Possible…

5) Deepak, how will this change the way that you do ministry?

Deepak: “Now I have a great desire to do Gospel evangelism in many places in India. I want to use my life to do more Gospel works and reaching many more villages. Already I have gone to ten villages with the bicycle that the sponsor has provided. Many of the people have been surprising at the change in my life. I tell them that for God all things are possible. In my life and through me, God has been doing impossible things into possible. I have a great plan this year to reach 100 villages with Pr Joseph for spreading the gospel.”

– Interview facilitated by Pr Joseph Usala. Edited by Eliezer Gonzalez.

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