Nandiwada Families Accept Jesus One after Another – Pr Joseph Usala

Jan 18, 2016 1373


Sudhar Rao and his wife Lakshmi were brought to salvation through Jesus by his two boys (front) who attend the Good News Children’s Care Centre.

In Nandiwada, India, many previously Hindi families in this village of so-called “untouchables” are accepting Jesus into their lives!

As the Good News Children’s Care Centre has been growing day by day, it is helping many families spiritually, and helping them to learn about Jesus. The Good News has been reaching many families through this centre.

This is due to the power of the Gospel and the daily prayer of the children. The children have learned to pray, and they are so faithful and prayerful, that they are very, very good examples for the Nandiwada people.

There are many families who have no peace at their houses and in their lives. They have economical problems, marriage problems and health problems. By seeing our Gospel activities and preaching, they have came to know more about Jesus Christ.

Now one after another, families are accepting Jesus into their lives. There are more than 35 families who have accepted Jesus and they are so happy in Christ and about our Gospel work. The Good News Children’s Care Centre is helping many families, not only their children.

Sudhar Rao and Laksmi, parents from one of these families say,

It is merely through this Good News Centre that many, many families are changing their way of life and accepting Jesus in their lives. In the beginning we didn’t have much hope for this centre. But as this centre grows day by day, we have come to know more about Jesus through our children and from Pastor Joseph. We have been watching the weekly TV program and it is changing our lives also. This is a great help for the families in Nandiwada. It is the power of the Gospel of Jesus that is changing our lives, and we thank Jesus for it.

– Joseph Usala

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