New Children’s Care Centre Brings Hope to Children – Moturu, India

Dec 18, 2017 5793

New Children’s Care Centre Brings Hope to Children – Moturu, India

Pr Joseph (right) stands with some children from the Moturu children’s centre.

A second children’s care centre has opened, this one in the village of Moturu, India. Now the children of the village can have an education as well as learn about Jesus.  

Pr Joseph first went to Moturu in 2012 to share the Gospel. The village was full of poverty and alcoholism, but as people started hearing about God’s grace and love, they began accepting Jesus into their lives.  

For five years the new believers prayed for a place to build a prayer hall where they could hold Gospel meetings to reach people in their village and neighbouring communities. Their prayers were answered earlier this year. A man named Siva Sankar accepted Jesus into his life and agreed to rent out the piece of land next to his house so a prayer hall could be built. The construction on the Good News Retreat Centre, as the prayer hall is called, has recently been completed. 


The children can have an education as well as learn about Jesus.


Pr Joseph saw that the children in Moturu weren’t getting a proper education, and that their lives were filled with disorder. So, in addition to the prayer hall’s use as a place to hold Gospel meetings, Pr Joseph has now started a children’s care centre there too. This is the second children’s centre he has started. The first is the Good News Children’s Care Centre in the “untouchable” village of Nandiwada, which has recently become a school. In Nandiwada the families of the community started accepting Jesus into their lives when they saw the kindness his followers showed to their children.  

There are already 50 children at the Moturu children’s care centre. There are two teachers who look after the children and educate them. They also teach them about God, the Bible, and prayer.  

A parent in the village said,  

Through this children’s care centre, many children have learned how to study. They have also come to know about God. This centre helps many children to pray and learn about the holy Bible and the teaching and preaching of Jesus. We all are so thankful to GNU and Pr Joseph. We pray for you daily. Thanks to you all.  

– Ella Rodionoff 

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