New Christians Describe The Joy They’ve Found In Jesus – Padu Nuthula, India

Feb 1, 2017 1407

New Christians Describe The Joy They’ve Found In Jesus – Padu Nuthula, India

Lives are transformed as the people learn about Jesus in a small group in Padu Nuthula.

In the village of Padu Nuthula, India, people have been hungry and thirsty for the holy Gospel and there was no one to preach it to them. Many of these people are painters and daily labors, and every day they go for work and come back to the village in the evening.

Many of them watch the weekly GNU TV Program and have been learning and hearing about the holy Gospel and preaching of Jesus. However there are many Hindu people in this village who do idol worship and have never heard about Jesus.

By the grace of God we could go to this village and preach the holy Gospel. We visited all the families, going house to house, and invited them to come. One hundred and fifty five people came. One hundred and five of these people have been watching our GNU TV programme. Thirty-five people have accepted Jesus and 15 people have decided to be baptised.

Here are the testimonies of some of the people:

Gangama was Hindu and had never heard about Jesus. Through the Gospel Evangelism she heard about him and came to know about the holy Bible and she accepted Jesus in her life. She said,

This was the first time that I have heard about Jesus and now I have peace in my life. I pray that my family members will also accept Jesus.

Samrajama is 45 years old and she came to the meeting not fully understanding the teaching and preaching of Jesus. She said,

Each week I have been watching the GNU TV programme. Now through this Gospel Evangelism programme, I came to know so much more about Jesus. I am so thankful to Jesus.

Suresh is 35 years old and has been doing painting work. He hasn’t had peace in his family life as he has been addicted to alcohol, which has caused his family to suffer. By the grace and mercy of Jesus he came to the Gospel Evangelism and sat in the back corner, listening the Holy Gospel. After prayer and listening to the holy Gospel he said,

This Holy Gospel Evangelism has changed my whole life. I accepted Jesus in my life and left behind everything that I have been addicted to. I now live very happily with my family and I read holy Bible daily and watch the GNU TV program every week. Thanks to Jesus. 

Ramya is 48 years old and she has been watching the GNU TV program every week. She said,

Through the GNU TV program I have come to know more about Jesus and my entire life has changed. My whole family watches this programme every week. Jesus has been doing great things in my life and this Gospel Evangelism has helped us to know more about Jesus.

Shiney said,

I have family problems. My husband left me two years back and I have two children. I came to this Gospel evangelism programme to pray and listen the holy Gospel. After praying and listening to the holy Gospel I got peace. I repented and accepted Jesus in my life.

Manekyama said,

I have been facing many problems in my family life due to my husband drinking and our financial situation. But through this prayer meeting I got peace of mind and I am so happy. Thanks to Jesus.

– Pr Joseph Usala

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